boing e boing

Hello i just cant do boing e boing it either falls out of the two stings or starts to turn while im doing the trick. Can any one help???

It is normal for the yoyo to turn after some time. Jut try to get a stronger throw so as to prolong the time you have to do the trick. Or else, you can try to adjust your direction to align with the yoyo.

try and keep the back string and front string flush at all times.

I learned it when I started to do it in one fluid motion ???

my main problem for boing e boing is that i didnt know that you had to slide the string on your non throwhand pointer lol. make sure you are doing that. :slight_smile:

just move it front and then back and make the upsidedown motion i didnt got it at first but got it after
sorry if it was too late hope it helped like others