boing e boingy

ok so boing e boingy sounds easy enuff but why cant i get my yoyo to get bouncing between my strings and help on this would be greatly appriciated, I have been trying to get this trick going now for a week solid.
ive been doing the motion corectly but my yoyo keeps going from side to side not forward to back

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What helped me was Putting the strings on my throw hand pointer on top of each other and putting my thumb on top of my TH Pointer so the strings are between them. Also make sure you are going UP And Down,

Also Did you try using the search function, They’re are more topics about this trick that have been answered, With people with the same problem.

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You might wanna start at a slight angle to start the boinging.

The reason why the boinging makes it move back and forth: (images taken from sector_y)
Start from the bottom mount, then swing it to a vertical mount.
Using that momentum, let the yoyo go forward, without moving your throwhand forward, just lower it down to go closer to your freehand.
Then, it will look like this when the momentum brings it forward.
Then, you take your throwhand up, this will put the strings together, and make the yoyo come back to the position it was at first.
Then, you let the momentum carry it back, by lowering your throwhand again.

Do it fast.

All pictures from sector y, i did not make them.



i like to start by makeing a sideways mothion 1st and then a up and down motion

make sure all the strings are lined up

I know how you feel so here is a very detailed and helpfull tutorial it helped me so i hope it i will help you

i had the same problem with the yoyo going side to side rather than forward to backward. to fix it what i did was i figured out that i was trying to make the boingy motion to quickly so i tried slowing it down and making bigger motions rather than small quick ones. it worked for me. now i can do boingys decently i just need to keep practicing.

Do a few barrel rolls, This will shorten the string and make it a little easier to learn… After you get it down do less barrel rolls untill your down to just doing boingeboing… Hope this helped

good luck