Boingy Boing Hence the Disaster :D

Yes, I can “Motion” My fingers just pretending that I’m Boingy Boing, But when do it actual, I can’t really get the Up and Down motion!.


God Bless!


Ian really breaks it down very well.

Hope it helps!


Make sure your motion is not a small vibration up and down, but an exaggerated up down motion.
See if this helps you.

i do it from a Split Bottom Mount but stretched out a bit. not long like rsmod123 showed, but like with a big gap.

Glad you got it. Please use the search button next time. Thanks.

What a lame eXpert, Too rude because he is the new one.

Get Lost!

Wow, all he did was misread your statement, and you accuse him by saying that he is an eXpert.

Like Kim said many times, your tone of voice doesn’t get across the internet. If you were being sarcastic, we have no means of identifying it.



Yeah sorry. I have a bad memory so by the time I had scrolled to see the last reply I had forgotten who made the topic. I saw Astrojax say he got it, so I thought he had posted the topic.

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You are awesome for not starting a flame war :smiley: So Humble :slight_smile:

not sure if you got it since it’s like from 2 days ago but if your still haveing problems:
i like to get the yoyo going by starting with a sideways motion after like a 1 bounce i start with the up and down try to get used to the motion first and really get it down