help with boin-e-boing trick

Hello, i am having trouble with the boin-e-boing trick.Heres my problem. When i move my finger up and down and the boin motion starts up, my yoyo keeps on coming out of the string gap. I’m not sure if my yoyo is the problem because right now i am using a yyf pocket change. I NEED HELP.

Try to keep your hands in line with each other and keep the front and back strings flush. That will keep the yo-yo in the boingy. Some practice will get this trick working well.

It’s great that you have the motion down though and hope this helps!

i started a help me on bongy bongy post not long ago

yah, boing-e-boing is a pretty hard trick for its level, try the search bar, there is ton of posts about it

u can make a little twist with ur upper hand i find this make its easy and thats how i got it