Trick Regression


My wife would laugh at this self-assessment, but I consider myself to be a pretty patient person, especially when it comes to hobbies. For example, when I play video games I have an almost zen-like way of maintaining calm, no matter how harrowingly difficult the game gets. Thus far, I’ve managed to incorporate that same calmness to learning new tricks; however, there is one aspect of throwing that just makes me want to hurl a yoyo as far into the sky as I can:

Trick regression.

I assume I’m not the only person to experience this. You think you’ve got a trick dialed in. You KNOW you’ve got a trick dialed in. You do it over and over just to prove to yourself that you’ve got it dialed in. Then you try it the next day, and you’ve got nothing.

Three examples:

  1. Boing-e-boing. Seriously with this trick. People keep saying “it’s tricky, but once you’ve gotten the rhythm, you’re good to go.” Problem is I’ve GOTTEN the rhythm multiple times (and done it again, and again, and again, to prove to myself that I’ve got it). Next day it’s like I’ve never tried the trick before.

  2. Magic Drop. I posted this one in the “Landed It” thread a few weeks back. That night I had Magic Drop down cold. Front string, back string, didn’t matter. Now I can land the front string one time in five and I have no idea how to hit the back string.

  3. Spirit Bomb. This one is really infuriating. I had the first pop down cold, and I was closing in on the second pop. Now, for some reason, I can’t land that first pop to save my life. I try and I just end up with a tangle of strings.

I’m not looking for advice - I just wanted to rant for a bit. Do other people experience this, or am I just trick-challenged?


I’m with you on Magic Drop.

Spirit Bomb I was just far too determined. If I woke up the next day and sucked at it again, I just told myself that I didn’t really learn the trick. Now I’ve got it 95% consistent. Still occasionally miss on either of the pops.

Boing-E-Boing, though… once I had it, I pretty much had it!

(Waylon) #3

I, too, suffer from Trick Regression. You are not alone.


I’m the same way about being patient with things (%90 of the time) but magic drop definitely tested that. I literally would do it for at least an hour straight before putting the yoyo down. Then I’d do that 2-3 more times! And it took about 2-3 days before I got it consecutive. But it was depressing the next day when I couldn’t do it after doing for hours the day earlier. So I agree.
I still don’t know if I’m doing spirit bomb correctly, but I think I am. That want too hard
I totally had boing-e-boing down pat then BOOM couldn’t do it. And still can’t. Oh we’ll ill get it…


I have the same thing. For me boingy boing came together earlier this week; At night after the wife and kids are in bed. The next morning, nothing. That night i got it again. It has been back and forth all week. But mostly at night I find better success with it. Maybe my mind is tired and I am not overthinking. Who knows.

Another one for me has been the matrix. I had it so well and so smooth with the dv888. I “upgrade” to a Chief and the shoot out to the right is very weak and sometimes i cant make it back into double or nothing. I think Imay be snagging it on its way out on the inner part of the larger yo yo telling me that I never really had it with the smaller throw.


That’s the way I felt about magic drop for a long time, I can say now recently I have got it down. Boingy took awhile but it did finally just click for me, I felt incomplete for so long not knowing it. I still can’t do sea-sick, and I have never landed a correct spirit bomb. I think there are plenty of tricks out there to try and develop, and I keep coming back to the sticky ones and sometimes they finally get easy.

(Waylon) #7

It’s funny how certain tricks are sticky like that. I can do some complicated stuff but still can’t do Spirit Bomb, Bkack Hops, or Kwyjibo. I’ve pretty much stopped doing any other tricks in the last few weeks. I decided to bear down and get them. They’ve been haunting me for years now.


It definitely happens to everyone at some point. I always have to practice my reverse star laceration every once in a while or I lose it for the longest time.


It took me literally a year to get consistent with Boingy Boing. Keep at it.


Actually, I think is those tricks, not you.

You pretty much explained the same problems I have/had.

Boingy boing was the major one. I would one day do boingy-boing till the yo-yo stopped spinning and then the next day I couldn’t even do enough for a trick ladder requirement.


Boingy boing is so easy to learn, though! Well, if yo know my secret. Want to know my secret?

I learned it doing the first step of split the atom, then reversing it, doing it right again, reversing it. Whenever I did that, I really got the bouncing motions down.


Brent Stoles are all rhythm for me. I went from laning then 90% of the time for 3 or 4 days, and then I sat in the car for 8 hours and havent been able to land another since. ???


Brent Stoles have been a constant evolution for me - I started out being able to land one in twenty, now I’m up to about one in three but I would love to get them more consistent.


I hear that. And I’m my own worst enemy, too… it is highly dependent on the string, I’ve found. And I muck around with different strings all the danged time. So I don’t have Brent Stoles dialled in.


Every body has trouble with magic drop. I should make a tut. It helps to have your pointer and thumb extended until the string does the flip thing. So just don’t bend them or anything. And then you can learn how to hit the right string later after you learn the drop part