Magic drop, I want to give up Yoyoing?

Hello all!
I know that many people have had issues with this trick… I have read so many posts from every website I could find. I have put in more time on this trick than any single trick I have learned to date.

I simply have no consistency. It only rejects the string about 1 out of 4 times even though I ensure I throw the yoyo close to the tip of my finger… I have tried over exaggerating the L shape and have tried barely using it.

I have literally tried every tip I have read and when the string does reject I can not hit the back string. It always hits the front string or both.

I have never been so frustrated with something in my life. Including this single trick has taken all of the joy out of Yoyoing.

I simply dread my yoyo now because I know that when I put it on, I am going to attempt something I simply can not do. After countless hours of failing and seeing absolutely zero progress, I feel like it is time to hang up the towel…

I have no idea why it is so difficult. I have watched one drops tutorial and they say it is so easy… Well I disagree

Are you doing a side style front throw or a breakaway? If you’re doing the side style front throw, the trick WILL NOT WORK, because of the direction the yoyo is spinning. It is a trick that will ONLY work if done from a breakaway.

plain and simple, practice.

I was the same with this trick and brent stole aswell. Just couldn’t get my head around it, then one day it kinda just clicked. I would say I hit it 9/10 times by now.

Check out some tutorials on , they do some nice ones with string rejections, they may help you out a little bit if you understand rejection some more.

I am doing g a breakaway, yes. The yoyo is spinning away from me. I am right handed, and the yoyo is spinning clock wise.

Hey man, I felt the same way you did, but with boing-e-boing. It was dreadful to know I couldn’t complete the trick. It pretty much made me feel like I shouldn’t even continue on trying…

But then one day I got motivated to practice it nonstop until I made progress. Luckily for my yoyo’ing career, after an hour or so of relentless practice I started to finally get it. Then I spent 3-4 hours throughout the rest of the day just getting it locked in. Then the proceeding days, weeks, months and up until NOW getting it sunk in, to where I can bust out boing anytime, anywhere.

Just keep giving it a whirl man. Put on some of your favorite music and start pounding out Magic Drop. On Boing my fail rate was WORSE than 1 in 4. I was failing HARD at boing, for over 2 years. But when I sincerely put the effort in to dedicated practice of JUST that trick… I got it locked down.

And after I got it down, I felt like a million bucks. I’m sure you will too!

I’ve nailed magic drop but boing-e-boing’s been killing me for at least a year.

It can be frustrating but don’t give up, just move on for now. There’s plenty more to yoyoing than magic drop. I know of at least one sponsored player who has trouble with magic drop.

I know it might be difficult not to attempt it every time you pick up a yoyo but give it a few (or many) months and then come back to it if you want.

I haven’t attempted this one yet, I’m on the Iron Whip on the List of Yoyoexpert (That is advanced part 2)… But go curious to see how the trick looks.

I have come across this video which is very helpful i suppose

Stop trying it. That’s what I did lol.

Same. I just gave up and moved on. I still don’t know the trick. Same with Spirit Bomb.

I’ve posted this before but it seems to have been beneficial to one or two people so here it is again.

I would suggest the following:

  1. After you are in the trapeze only move your non throwhand.
  2. Make certain the thumb on the throwhand is up.
  3. Experiment with the direction your throwhand index finger is pointing, it can change which string, strings you land on.
  4. Also you may try swinging the yo at different angles with your non throwhand while in the trapeze. For example instead of coming straight across, angle it more towards the tip of your throw hand index finger. Experiment!
  5. You may be thinking about it to much. Throw it while thinking about something else. Sometimes new learning interferes with old learning. In other words the harder you try the worse you will do.
  6. If you should land it, stop think about how it felt and what happened. Try to take a break on your best attempt. Your muscle memory will appreciate it.
  7. Shorter practice sessions or mix it up so you aren’t just attempting the drop over and over for long periods of time.

I believe it was Jrod, that once advised someone to allow the yo to come over and drop. Not so much of a roll around the finger but a little hop. I hope I recalled that point correctly.

You can magic drop from front style as well you just have to do a regen first

The way I learned magic drop is by not letting it bother me and not trying it all the time. Just came naturally after a while, I never get hung up on one trick you will never progress by going in a order and checking off a list if you get stuck. Just throw and have fun, every so often try it. If you don’t get it say oh well and be happy with what you know. If you build it they will come

The monkeyfinger tutorial is by far the best one for this trick.

Step 1 is the MOST IMPORTANT! It took me like 2 and a half weeks straight working on magic drop (the reason being, I wanted to get down Kamikaze!) I followed every video tutorial and even had people at my yoyo meet show me and I still couldn’t get it. It was just practice, practice, practice. As soon as I kept my throw-hand still and was made conscious that I was moving it, I stopped and I finally landed it! It takes a while to get consistent with it, but I can land them 9/10 times now. Also, to make them consistent learn the move ‘shock wave’ All I can say is just keep practicing and keep you throw hand as still as possible, and turn the ‘gun shape’ a little inward (like a little to the left, if you’re right handed) I hope you get it soon!

As others have mentioned, I would stop trying and revisit it after you have learned a few more tricks. Seems like there are some smaller maneuvers in there, so why not try something similar? :smiley:

Like chopsticks, I love me some chopsticks…

I was just about to shamelessly promote myself, and I realized you beat me to it!  Thank you, hehe.  This one is an updated version with some tips I picked up.  Its the trick shockwave, but I used it to reteach magic drop.

I had issues with this one for a while but i found that when you are going to swing the yoyo around your TH to reject the string … do more of a popping up motion with the yoyo and then land on the back.

You have all been a wonderful help. This trick is still an absolute nightmare for me, lol.

I have been learning by basically following the Yoyoexpert set lists one trick at a time like a checklist.
I am sure that it is a good way to start, but I have found that I have allowed it to constrict me when on many things, I can simply venture off and enjoy yoyoing for what it is.

I have continued to practice for about the last two days now to where I think I am about as good as I am going to get with this trick. I have seemingly got most of the trick down, I just still have quite a bit of difficulty with the rejection.

All in all, I can land it maybe 4 out of 7 times. That is good enough I guess.

I have no idea what chopsticks are (as suggested by another member), but I will try to find some of those I guess. I tried Under-over boing -e -boing, but I cant even begin to understand how to make that fluid. I just don’t think I am good on tricks like that.

Thank you all!

Some of the rhythm oriented tricks, like Boing E Boing, can take a ton of practice and then one day just sort of click. Keep up the practice!

Honestly I’m the same way at times… i’ll work on a trick for hours/days and if i’m just not getting it i move on to something else for the time and then come back every now and again till i eventually get it… I have probably a dozen tricks i can only do parts of. Just let it go and come back every now and again.