Magic Drop -- Retrospect

Well, I FINALLY learned and completed a string of more than 5 successful Magic Drops in a row this morning! :smiley:

I was curious as to how long it took you guys to get this trick down to a level of consistency…It took me about 2 months to get it to the point where I could get the String Rejection. I had to learn this because I am working on that trickster of old known as the Trick Ladder. Yep, I have been stuck on Kamikaze for quite sometime now.

Anyway, here is what I finally did to get that beloved String Rejection to finally happen. First things first, you have to have your Thumb and Index Finger open as wide as humanly possible plus the Thumb needs to be completely Vertical and aiming for the Sun. Second, the Yo-Yo (for me) had to swing directly UNDER your Index Finger’s Farthest Two Knuckles. Third, with your Non-Throw Hand, you should do the Tilt towards the Floor and Outwards as is shown in the Tutorial Vids but RIGHT AFTER the “String Rejection” has happened and you have landed the Ho-Yo on that Back String…Even your Non-Throw Hand hand back out to a Stationary Trapeze to avoid the Yo-Yo from Tilting and losing Spin-Time. Lastly, I noticed that you can aim your Throw Hand inward about a millimeter as the Yo-Yo is Swinging under your Index and the String will Reject. I am NOT talking about twisting your Throw Hand so that the Thumb becomes Horizontal NO-NO-NO, the Thumb MUST REMAIN Vertical…I am talking about moving Index Finger along with the Whole Hand slightly inward at the Wrist Joint, then evening it back out as before.

Here a made a Throw Hand doodle in MS Paint:

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been yo-yoing for 2 and a half months maybe and not a single success

I’ve been yoyoing for awhile now. I sort of skipped over magic drop when I was learning all the tricks on the website because it was too hard, but I went back to it recently. It took be about an hour to get it down. It was sort of frustrating, but I couldn’t be mad.

Took less than 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

I can only say, “I wish I was as talented as you people who voted that it took you only a few days!” :wink:

I am getting pretty good with the trick thus far, it is definitely a mind bender. I still feel special when I get 3 Shockwaves down, as I am still having issues with the String Rejection coming out of the First Half of Kamikaze. I’m still only midway, so to speak… Lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually tried doing it yesterday and I think I got 1 or 2 of em down

I learned this a day or two because the project that involved it was due soon and I had to grind. lol

One word: Canvas

I had to watch a lot of tutorials the first 2 days of learning to get the rejection. After that it was just a matter of getting it to land on the backstring and to get the shockwave done. The Shockwave actually took me like half the total time (I had to discover a way to get it to land only on one string, it actually helped me for the wrist mount dismount also).

Heh, yeah, I bet that helped.

Same here. I had the rejection part down right away. The only part the I had trouble was landing on the inside string consistently instead of the front string.

Surprisingly enough, this trick (for me) turned out to be very much more easier with a Raider body and a Bumble Bee. I don’t know why, exactly. For what ever reason, the big body wing shaped throw doesn’t want the string to reject as easily. You can only really do a Single Shockwave because of the limited spin, though. I mean, I can Magic Drop everytime on a Bee and a Raider. It is still kind of a 50/50 with my Torque but getting easier by the day. The actual shape of the Yo-Yo appears to produce a different effect with this trick.

Yep, certain throws are better for rejections.

Still working on it.

I totally second this. I learned it with my Shutter but I had to “re-learn” it after I bought some newer yoyos. I don’t know if narrower shapes, lower walls, different materials help, but for example my ReGen was notably subpar when rejecting while my T5 rejects everything.

Magic Drop is one of those simple tricks that’s proven not to be quite so simple. There are many threads on it discussing hand position, angles, all the little details. However, one of the most over looked details is actually mentioned in the name, drop. Most will swing the yoyo around the throw hand index finger rather than giving the yoyo just enough momentum so that it goes over the th index and drops. I believe it’s Jrod that brought this up in an old thread.

Just saying, put the drop into the magic drop and it may prove to be magical. :wink:

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I finally got it consistent today, after trying to learn it mid december. I found that the main thing is, to ensure that the wrap around your TH index finger, is close to the base of the finger, and not near the tip.

If I have the string near the tip, it will not reject, but at the base, it rejects cleanly every time. I’ve found the angle if the L is not so important.

This is the funniest thing. learning Magic drop isnt fun, we all know it. You drew it out for everyone hahaha i love it. I bet this helps some people.

this was magical + so true. this is what I was doing wrong so definitely good advice!