I want to learn a Magic-Drop into a Shockwave, but the Magic-Drop part I am stuck on. I know there is a rejection at the point when you flip the yoyo over your right hand onto the the string, but I can’t get it to go. (I am right handed by the way :grinning:).

Any tips on this first part would be great!



I think the issue is, I wasn’t turning my hand over. This ones gonna take some practice.

There is no turning your hand over. Spread the gun/L shape as wide as you can as you swing the yoyo as gently as possible under your throw hand so that it still makes it all the way around.

You yourself are not pushing the string out for the rejection, it is the spin of the yoyo doing it. There’s no forcing it. No fancy hand tricks. Just trapeze, make the shape with your throw hand, swing it under, land on the string of your choosing.

It may be easier to just focus on the rejection itself at first, and once you can get a clean, controlled one consistently, work on getting it to land on the front string.

Also you can move your non throw hand a slight bit to the throw hand before the flip so that there is a little more loose string to make the rejection happen. Like Mikers said, the swing has to be as gentle as possible, too hard and you won’t get a rejection no matter how many times you try.

That’s a lot for the good advice. What you’ve both said makes sense.

I’ve been having trouble on this too. One tip that I learned and helped some is to keep the gun/L a little past straight up. So you can see your palm a little as opposed to the top of your hand, if that makes sense at all. That little tip made me maybe 40% successful compared to 10%. Hehe…

As a few of you said swing the yoyo just soft enough to have to loop around, does that mean you can’t do this trick fast? I have noticed to be more successful when going slow but didn’t want to get in the habit of going slow.

Gently doesn’t necessarily mean slowly. Best to start slow, but no need to slow down to do it once you can do it.

but with speed, you need to apply extra force. So ho can it be gently and fast at the same time? This trick hurts my head…

Yup. Have fun.

I seem to have found a sweet spot with this trick. By rolling the yoyo closely over my right throwing hand and then pointing my left hand down at the ground makes this trip easier to land. The pointing down with my left hand separates the strings so I can land on the inside one.

For the rejection part, as long as you hold the L or Gun share with your right hand, the rejection will work almost every time.

If you want to add a Shockwave, turn in your right index finger and the hop on the inner string almost like the first part of the Hydrogen Bomb before you flip the yoyo forward and backward.

Hopefully this adds some more insight.

That was rather confusing. Specially for a lefty.

So I’m at 75% now. Almost got it down.

Yeah, I can see why my post would be confusing for a lefty😀. Sorry about that. But, I got the magic drop to shockwave down. Once you get it, it’s a lot of fun and not too challenging.

I do have to say though, this is probably one of the most awkward and difficult tricks I have learned in a while.

Take care and keep yoyojng!

Good job at getting at 75%. Any day now you will have it mastered!

i hope so. Went back down to 50% accuracy. This trick is infuriating.

It is a frustrating trick to get down. I still don’t nail it on every try, but it’s fun when you do.

This is one of those tricks where I had to sit my Shutter down and take a break from time to time. The more I lost my cool, the more difficult it became.

Hang in there!!!