Magic Drop

Someone warned me about this LOL
So I looked at several tutorials and Its either I miss completely, I sometimes get it, or I hit my throw hand and most of the time I just hit my throw hand.

What sorcery.

I’m with you man. I can’t get it yet either.

The problem is that the magic drop asks you to do three-ish things at the same time.

1)swing the yoyo around the back of your hand
2) reject
3) Land on the back string

  1. is a matter of getting used to how much force you need to apply, it’s just practice.(I find that starting with my trapeze in the middle of the string, rather than near the throw-hand, helps me swing for the right momentum)

  2. is the really hard part. You need to test different throw-hand positions (I find that pointing my index finger down-ish help). It also helps if you let the yoyo hang in the air for a bit, if that makes sense If all the strings are tight, the rejection will be more difficult.

  3. You can adjust this by moving your NTH so that the string is in the path of the yoyo.

I hope that helps.

I kind of cheat on this one. I stick the thumb of my nth between the strings to widen the gap. After a while you won’t need to do that. But it sure helps when you are learning.

Here is my tutorial on it.  I’ll add 2 things in addition that need emphasis.  As the yoyo reaches the top of your throwhand, bring your non-throwhand forward about and inch.  This helps with the rejection.  As well, you need to keep your throwhand as still as possible.  Your non-throwhand does all the work on this trick.

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I’ve been avoiding everything magic drop related and learning every other trick on your channel. This is actually really cool

I’m glad to help.