Magic Drop help!


I’ve been trying to master the notorious magic drop trick and have had no success. I’ve hit the trick once in a while but only on the front string. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

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The answer is here my friend.


The above video is really good. Pay attention the to the advice about pushing that back string out with your ring finger. Helps give you an easier target with more separation.

And keep practicing! You’ll get it. :slight_smile:



lol Brandon Vu just made a couple videos on magic drop


Move your free hand forward when your going in for it, youll be landing it all the time.

Edit: I’ve noticed that what was really happening was I was keeping the string tighter. Try learning on a responsive yoyo it’s less forgiving


agreed. check out his vids here in the video section or on YouTube. they are very helpful and really helped me as I was having trouble with the magic drop until I watched his helpful video.

let us know if it helps and if you need more help or if you land it! :slight_smile:


One thing that helped me when I was learning was to keep my throw hand pointer finger, the one the yoyo will be passing over, pointed slightly away from my throw hand as the yoyo was passing over it. My tendency was to point it in, and that made it really difficult to get the string to reject.


can never get the reject :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


What really helped me when I figured out Magic Drop was adjusting the angle of my throwhand pointer and thumb. Once I found the right angles it came a lot easier so along what everyone else has said (watch videos, move the non-throwhand forward etc) I would just try and adjust that angle and see what works best for you. With enough practice you’ll get it! Good luck



Ok so when you are in the trapeze before the magic drop take your middle finger or thumb and separate the bottom/back string from the top pushing it in towards yourself. It helped me land magic drops, hope it helps you!


When you wrap the string around the thumb and index finger of your throw hand keep the string as far out on your finger as possible. If you are having a hard time getting the string to reject make sure that your throw hand string creates a right angle with the trapeze and when you loop the yoyo around the backside of your throw hand the yoyo needs a little but of loft/slack. If you are trying to whip the yoyo around like you would landing a trapeze and bro mount the string won’t reject.