Magic Drop Help

Hey everyone,
I was just wondering what I could do to improve my magic drop. When I do it seems to not want to hook on to the back string and it keeps landing on more than one string. Any suggestions?

Try opening the loop of string with your non-throwhand finger and thumb.

Try aiming farther towards your non-throwhand - it should help make it shoot onto the back string.
Some people also kind of make a larger shooting up motion as it comes under and over the throwhand. This is one of those tricks that just takes a lot of practice until you just “get it.”
Let us know if you have anymore questions.

I usually aim for the wrist on my non-throwhand to land on the back string; try that. The larger ‘shooting up’ motion YYX mentioned, I like to call a “float”. You try to float the yoyo upwards, simultaneously closing the distance between your hands; this lengthens the string segment that is “floating”.


And, what did it for me was I realized I wasn’t keeping my hand straight, I always used to tilt it just as the yo-yo came around as a reaction to the yoyo.

Magic drop is a good thing to learn but not so many tricks come from it for ME. Just dont end up sticking on this on the list. If your having trouble, just move on then go back. Maybe hit up a local meet for people to help in person. Just dont stick on one move forever you know? has a good number of tricks involving the magic drop. But your right, the magic drop is nothing special or necissary. Plus it will be rather simple if you get better.

Point your throw hand “L” more upwards to hit the back string.

Hmm. Some of you guys have some weird methods of doing Magic Drop. Whatever works though right?

Here’s what I do.

Trapeze. Make an “L” with your thumb and pointer on your NTH. Easy.

Now when you roll the yoyo towards your NTH aim for the tip of your pointer. Try to keep as little slack in the trapeze as possible. The yoyo should shoot over your NTH pointer and land on either the back or the front string.

Now that you are hitting the trick. You can work on directing the magic Drop. Once you get the motions down guiding it should click rather quickly. Honestly I feel like when I do a Magic Drop I merely think “Ok. Back string this time!” and it magically goes where I want it to…thus…the Magic Drop.

Here is my take on it.

magic drop, I couldn’t do it so I didn’t, then I tried several months later, just clicked… only to find out I couldn’t do anything with it so I don’t do it anymore