Magic Drop help

I’ve been having difficulties with this for a long time… If only the yoyo would land on the back string!!! It keeps landing on both or the front string. Can anybody help with this? I really want to perform Kamikaze and shockwave :-[

Put your non-throw hand thumb into the loop and separate the string. Open that loop towards yourself or away from yourself, depending on which string you want to land on.

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I found that keeping your throw hand (the hand that makes the gun) completely still during the trick will help a lot. Try not to move your throw hand when the yo-yo is swinging around and it should reject itself from the string and land in a magic drop. Just keep practicing, but that was one of the things I noticed from watching several videos, keep the throw-hand as still as possible, become like a statue and you will master the trick young grass hopper  ;D

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It’s OK, I’m just very thankful for all of the people who helped me ;D

You should make the string on your thumb as far out to the edge of you thumb as possible.

I hope that helps.

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More angles always helps. Doesn’t hurt atleast.

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When you have your hand in the gun shape I found that it helps to spread your hands apart do there’s tension in the string because otherwise you will keep hitting two strings I was doing the same thing. Also when I do the swinging motion involved in the magic drop I kinda swing it from front to back it’s kinda hard to explain but just keep practicing :slight_smile:

Thx everyone!!!