Help with Magic Drop


I’ve been trying to do magic drop for EONS and I can get it if I’m lucky but I need to start getting it consistently

I understand the whole “Make your throwhand into a gun shape and twist into the string” But when I try to land the yoyo on the back string, I either land on both strings or miss the string entirely

I really need to learn it to finish kamikaze

Any tips?


I’m working on this trick as well.

I find I put my non-throw hand thumb into the trapeze loop and push the string back towards me.

On my throw hand, I “make the gun”, and then turn it palm up and move my throw hand slightly towards me relative to the non-throw hand(or move the non-throw hand forward). Make sure you have a fair amount of string on the looped side, around half, or you’ll get the rejection landing on both strings or just the front.



and / or


Take the loop around your freehand index and spread it out with all of your fingers. And more jump the yoyo than swing it.


also try hitting the loop coming from your NTH point with your TH pointer this will help reject the string somewhat


If you do that in a trick ladder contest, the trick won’t count.  What I do is like it says in the video.  I point my freehand index finger down and move it a little forward to hit the back string.  I’ve heard that from more than one expert.  Also, on my yoyo hand, I separate my index finger and thumb to make it “drop” onto the back string.  There’s a trick called “Candy Rain” that uses the magic drop in the front.  Check it out.