I néed help on kamikaze


The only thing I can’t do is magic drop in this trick but other than that I can pretty much do the other steps to this trick.every time I get into the part where you have to do a magic drop I fail.Any ideas how I can get the magic drop everytime?


First off can you do a magic drop on it’s own? If not your going to struggle with the trick. As I have learned in the past bring your TH a little more out ward when your going to hit the back string more easily. then that should help it get a little more consistent.


I do know how to do the magic drop but the problem is I can never get this trick solid.sometimes I land it sometime I don’t.


If you get an instance where the yoyo goes over your NTH, but it doesn’t reject off the string, it helps to keep your NTH thumb and pointer rigid so that they pull the string away from the yoyo so it can land back down.


What part of Magic Drop are you having trouble landing consistently, the rejection or landing it on the correct string?

Don’t worry though Magic Drop is pretty tricky to master keep up the good fight.


Landing on the right string,


Yeah that’s something that takes quite a bit of practice to get consistent.

It feels like a lot of the landing depends on the way that you swing the yoyo before the string rejects. Swinging more toward the inside or the outside to land on the more inward or outer string.

I also find it easier to sort of twist your Non-throw hand pointer away from yourself opening the loop to make the string you want to land on further away from the one you don’t.

It may also help a bit to have a thinner yoyo so you don’t accidentally catch on the wrong string.


Watching tutorials on magic drop really show some different elements to it. It definitely works best when the rejection happens as the yoyo is going over the hand rather than as it’s landing. If you rotate the non throw hand forward, you get two strings side by side, and it becomes much easier to land it on the correct string. Similarly, if you’re getting a consistent rejection over part of your throw hand, move the other hand so the back string lines up with its trajectory. Even doing this, it’s a surprisingly technical and precise move. I was hoping for more and more tips on it, but found that the prevailing advice to just keep practicing makes all the difference. These things were kinda just finding my own feeling on the tips I got through all of the tutorials.


Try to pop the yo up a bit higher, and keep the strings loosened like a slack while the yo is in the air.

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I dont do too many tricks with magic drops but they are not hard at all. The way that i have always thought about it is trying to land the yoyo on the string. Actually landing it on the string on your TH is really hard, but if the yoyo passes next to it then it should reject.