Magic Drop.


I’ve stayed away from tutorials for this for so long because I always heard how hard it is. Just got done watching a tutorial and it looks as if it’s just a trapeze and his brother, but instead of landing on the front string, it’s landing on the back string? Am I correct in assuming this, because if so…I’ve been doing magic drops and magic drop slacks for quite a while now.


yeah. I always thought it was the front string because of the Classic Yukki Concepts magic drop


It doesn’t really matter which string it lands on. Pretty sure Magic Drop refers to the string rejection that creates a loop around your dominant hand.

It can land on the back string for Kamikaze or Shockwave, or it can land on the front string for a modified trapeze bro (as seen in Classic Yuuki Concepts).

I believe it is considered a difficult trick because people struggle with either the rejection part or landing on the right string.


Ok, watched the video again with sound now that I’m off work and see the string rejection now. Thanks for the info!


The whole probrem I have is to get it to consistently land on the Back-String. It works when it wants, too.

(For me.)

I can get it sometimes 5 times in a row and then sometimes miss it 5 times straight without it catching. The rejection is the easiest part.

My suggestion is to try Kamikaze, over and over again. If I Yo-Yo that day, I try to do it at least 10 times and incorporate Magic Drop/Kamikaze Attempts into my Warm-Up session. If I land Kamikaze 3 times, that is a good day.

I also have been trying to get my Superman more consistent so you may want to break down Superman’s steps and incorporate Superman Attempts into your Session. It greatly helps.

For some of us, it seems like some people either get this right away or continue to have issues with it. It seems like it’s a building process and you have to keep chiseling away at it til you get it consistent.

I have been able to do Kamikaze for about 4-5 months now but that doesn’t mean my Kamikaze has gotten much better. IT HAS GOTTEN BETTER but the point is this is one of those things in Yo-Yoing that either makes or breaks the player.

You may be looking at having to practice and practice it for a year before it gets to the point where you can say…“Yah, Magic Drop…Superman… Shockwave… and Kamikaze are second nature to me.”

Imagine how long it takes to learn how to Tre Flip or Hard Flip a Skateboard. I’d say its up there with learning how to Magic Drop. Spirit Bomb is more like the Tre Flip of Yo-Yoing today but it takes a long time to learn Magic Drop just like it does Spirit Bomb.

Your willingness to dedicate to it, learn, work with the trick, and keep practicing and learning it are the price you have to pay for a Clean Magic Drop!

No body has ever come out of the womb Magic Dropping, unlike most Yo-Yo’rs would have you believe. :wink:


It’s the rejection of the string and also the splitting up the bottom so it lands on one, not both. I use my left (non-throwing) hand to control the landing strings.

I can make a video Skinny if you want.


Berto, I know you offered this to Skinny, but I have been having some trouble with Magic Drop, too. Would you mind making the video?


I just landed Magic Drop a bunch of times this morning… still not consistent yet, though; I’ll get it 3 times in a row, then miss it 3. I’m getting a little bit of a feel for the string reject, but landing on that back string is hit or miss.
Magic Drop really is the perfect name for this one - when it works, it’s like… wow, how did I do that?? lol


I know this is an old thread, but I was able to do it a while back, then went back to it and failed each time.
So I wanted to break it down to why I was failing and figured out its how tight your landing string is. If you keep it tighter it rejects easily, let it hang more and the string stays put each time.
Hope that helps someone in the future.