Magic Drop?


I can do a decent amount of tricks, but the Magic Drop still kind of eludes me- I’m super inconsistent in getting it to actually work. Any hints/tips/secrets to get it more consistent? (Besides practice of course)


what works for me is making sure my TH thumb is pointing straight UP (not leaning inwards which it wants to do) with my TH index also raised up slightly (stops the loop falling off) then keeping my TH still and using my NTH to swing the yoyo…

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Sadly, it’s much like boing e boing, keep trying till it starts landing.  Having said that, here are a few pointers that may help.


The one thing that really helped me get magic drop down was realizing it is a type of rejection. The YoYo wants to swing out and reject the string as it goes over your finger.


Pointing my thumb up helped a bunch! I also came to the realization that the yoyo kinda “shoots” the string out, so that helped a lot too. Thanks guys.


wow thanks guys. helped a bunch. i could always reject the string but never thought about separating the strings. Always landed on both. I don’t really think it’s a “trick” since like no one can do it without a lot of help. Like hey lets work really hard on a “trick” that teaches you kamikaze and like one other trick on rethink. More of a useless transition. This is a great tutorial. It should be the last “trick” on this site to learn from what I have seen. I have been able to do longgg combos and hard tricks that “pros” can do but not magic drop along with a ton of people on this site etc… It isn’t impressive or that good of a mount/transition. I don’t know why it’s so over rated. Well I can do it now so I can get kamikaze down consistently. Only reason I wanted to learn it right. I don’t know any other tricks nor see it in any real pro free styles. I am sure someone will find a freestyle or three with it to prove me wrong. I would throw it in to make it challenging. I still wanted to learn it for some reason. Sea Sick is similar. Since no one thinks anyone can do it “the right way” unless your a pro… or the guy who invented it… forget that. I think too many “pros” like to say they can do “sea sick” but think no one else can unless it’s perfect. I have seen it all over the boards. Thanks for the help though. Sincerely. I say sticky this because its the first thread I have seen that really helps on the so important “magic drop”. It is very hard to explain how to do the maneuver. I will probably never use it but I know many will want to learn it like I did. It just lands you in a weird mount that doesn’t seem to give you much to do with except kamikaze a trick that you need to learn to compete. Just my opinion. If you can do something fluid and cool with it then thats awesome. Just haven’t seen it in a while. Kind of “old school”?? Correct me if I am wrong. Magic Drop and the last pop in Spirit Bomb were the hardest for me. I see it is the same for many others on the board. I’m rambling now… :stuck_out_tongue: It was just so frustrating until now.

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Candy rain uses magic drop.