Magic Drop


Please help me, I’m very stuck with Magic Drop and I don’t know how it works. I’ve attempted fiddling with the trick a few times and have watched a lot of videos but I can’t seem to understand how Magic Drop works. I understand that you land on a trapeze and point your finger like a gun but I’m not sure how the string wraps around your finger in the way it’s supposed to. I’ve tried to pinch the string and let the slack loose but it doesn’t seem to work. Thanks in advance ;D


As the yoyo comes around your TH, the slack string will release from the gap, and as the yoyo wraps around your TH index finger it goes behind(towards you) the top string segment, and lands onto the string segment connected to the slipknot.

Practice is my best advice. Magic Drop is one of those tricks, like Boingy Boing or Seasick…, that just takes time to work out a feel for it. If you keep trying it, eventually it will just “click.”


best advice is to keep your throw hand stationary and not move it, concentrate on swinging the yoyo around. You have to feel and understand the string rejection, I’ve only recently been able to consistently repeat it. Keep trying, and keep going back to it, it probably will take awhile. Also make sure the yoyo isn’t grabbing the string and wrapping it, it will cause the string rejection to not work properly, so clean your bearing and use new string if you need to.


Jake has filmed a pretty good tutorial on this trick as well, hope it helps. I had a heck of a time learning it as well.