Magic Drop help?!?!

OK so I know all the moves and stuff for magic drop but no matter what I do the yoyo ALWAYS lands on both strings. I’ll hit it out of sheer luck sometimes but how do I keep from hitting both strings?

I’m using a DV888 if that makes any difference?

Magic drop is a trick that just requires muscle memory. It needs a lot of repetition and practice, and eventually, landing on what string you want just happens. The yo-yo won’t really make a difference for any trick, so use whatever is your favorite!  :smiley:

Hang in there, it’s tedious, but you’ll get it.

Here’s a good tutorial, you’ve probably seen it, but it’s so far the best I’ve seen:

Well i had the same probelm until i realized something. It’s VERY important that you make the L with your some pointing toward the sky. That basically did it for me.

Alright i’ll keep at it then, its really frustrating because a lot of the tricks i’ve done have come to me pretty fast compared to this one.

I had the same problem.

First of all, it helps to know that the yoyo will land on the string directly attached to your finger. Then, it helps to point your NTH index finger down or do something to bring that bottom string of the trapeze loop closer to you than the top string on it.

having the thumb point up helped a bunch!!! I pretty much got it now just need to practice more thanks guys :slight_smile:

Building on what Apetrunk said, you can use your middle finger to pull the string back a little seperating them. The method is suggested in this video around 1:09.

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It’s more like 1:20ish but whatever. That helps tremendously for me.

it works only with breakaway, I hope, it will help

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