magic drop..

uhmmm i dont understand the magic drop because i do exactly what it tells me to the L shape with my fingers and go over close to the tip of my pointer finger but its still not working, and i’ve been working on it for 4 hours now :-\ and i know most of you are gonna say practice makes perfect but are there any more tips to getting this down ?

What happens when you attempt it?
Does it seem like there are too many wraps around your throwhand pointer?
Do the amount of wraps around your throwhand pointer seem normal but the yoyo just doesn’t land where it should?

Well, what exactly is going wrong with the trick? The yoyo is not popping off the string?

hmmm sorry lol i forgot to tell what happens :-[ ok so what happens is it will either not pop off the string or it will just miss the strings completely, or it will bind on me :-\ sorry once again :slight_smile:

Here’s the way i do it.

On the throwhand: The string that touches the thumb is about halfway between the tip of the thumb and the wrist. The string that touches the index finger is on the very base of the index finger.

When the trapeze swings: Make sure you hit at the very tip of your throwhand pointer. I hit just where the knuckle closest to the tip is. Swing over and after a little practice the yoyo should start hitting only on of the strings. After practicing you should able to start trying to aim the yoyo to hit a specific string.

P.S. When I aim for a specific string, I like to give the string just a little bit of slack so it feels a little smoother and it helps me hit the string I want the yoyo to land on.

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tyvm i think i got it now a little suckish at it but will get it eventually :slight_smile:

This video helped me a lot!

When I do it I aim for my finger more than the string and for the back I aim for my wrist. Works most of the time.

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