Magic drop and shockwave


when i try to do the magic drop somehow the string just won’t stay on my thumb after I roll the ball over. Wish someone could help me with it ~ thanks


what ball lol


I’d love to help, but I don’t really understand what you mean when you say that the string won’t stay on your thumb. Is there any way you can record yourself doing the trick? That way we could analyze your movement.


so basically when we do the magic drop when you roll your yoyo over your index finger the string should pop off and wrap around your thumb but it doent happen to me when i do it! the string wont pop off and the yoyo got into some weird position the string tie into some dead knob


I think I know what you’re saying.

Try this:

I’m assuming you’re a righty (if you’re a lefty like me, just do the same but with the other hand), so when you roll the yoyo over your right (throw) hand…jab your left hand pointer finger forward about 1 to 1.5 inches, and point it down and to the left slightly. Don’t over exaggerate it but just a bit of a forward jab with a down and left point just as you go to roll that yoyo over your throw hand. That will help get the string to reject off your thumb and will also space the strings out a bit so you can land it on that back string easier.


i tried many times some how mine just wont reject …:pensive::pensive::pensive:


Don’t swing with full force, Give it just enough force so it drops on to the string rather than swinging onto the string.


the string on your throw hand should be conpletely vertical. brandon vu has a good video on it


Don’t try to roll the yoyo. Keep your throw hand still and let the trajectory of the yoyo cause the rejection.

Here’s some more useful advice, put on a movie, and just throw magic drop the entire time you’re watching it. MJ is the hardest simple trick I can think of, and nothing but hours of repetition helped me get it down.


Hmm you need to ensure two things

  1. you keep your wrist/arm at an angle, because if you follow the string that wraps your TH index and goes to the thumb you will see the string goes back (towards you). You don’t want that, keep it so the string between your index and thumbs is vertical. Yes just vertical, not tilted towards you, not tilted towards your NTH.

  2. There are two ways to do the rejection, I will explain what I feel is easier. Use both your hands to s w i n g the yoyo such that it’s still a bit far to just pivot over your index and reject. This might sound sketchy bear with me, if you did this motion correctly your TH and NTH first goes a bit to the left(or right if leftie) then it goes the opposite direction and the trapeze length increases then the yoyo moves beyond the TH, like more right (or left) of the TH, the string now tilts away from NTH because you twisted your wrist a bit, right at this moment you give the yoyo a tug from your NTH, the yoyo just flies over your index, boom, rejected. So basically you’re kind of throwing the yoyo over your index, this is exactly what I do, when the yoyo rejects it’s not being pulled by a string, I just tugged on it and it follow a path like a thrown ball and I ensure that it passes bettween my thumb and index and catch it just under my NTH


Magic Drop won’t come quickly… it’s taken me a good month or so to get the rejection consistently.

I’ve found floating the yoyo over my TH and keeping it still the entire some helps a lot (with thumb pointing up).

I always assumed keeping the string to the tip of the index finger was important, but actually you can do it just as well with the string a few centimetres down the finger so less chance it just slips off during the swinging stage.

Hope this helps!