Problems with magic drop


Ok so I have probably watched like 6 different tutorials on how to do magic drop but can’t get it to reject. I wish I had a video of me preforming it but I cant at the moment. The string doesnt seem to stay around my thumb when I throw it over my throw hand to try to get it to reject so I know that isnt good

this helped me alot


Hmm, this is a shot in the dark without video but, make sure you spread your TH pointer and thumb as wide as you can. The string should reject.

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On your Non throw hand, aim your pointer finger more down towards the floor (Instead of pointing straight forward). When you swing the yo-yo around your pointer finger be sure to keep it totally still (Don’t twist your hand at the last second).


Make sure not to change the angle of your throw hand and keep it solid.


And if it doesn’t reject, just use the formation to bounce on the front or back string, or use the formation to go into something else.

It’s still a mount, just not a string rejection from a magic drop, and you can keep going.
I am learning to deal with mistakes and keep going, part of the process I guess.


Flick your thumb it helps me


try keeping your thumb pointing it straight up and slightly angled back pointing at you. if that makes any sense. while your other finger is pointed straight out.


Also, if you want to go old school with text/diagrams, link below.

Steps 12 through 15.