magic drop reject ???????????


any tips on reject watched a few vid but just can get the reject no matter what i do …could shape of yoyo help ti get the reject and if so wat shap would be best any help would be awesome


Wow! Brandon Vu has a tutorial and someone just recently asked for some magic drop help.


Move your free hand forward when you do it. I honestly think the name is what makes it hard for people there’s nothing magic about it


yeah, brandonVu posted a great vid to help with the magic drop. the way you position your throw hand like how Brandon demonstrates in his vid is what really helps in succeeding at landing the magic drop.

check out his vid and keep us updated if you land it! :wink:


have watched his vid can land on back string but still no reject at all


This is what helps me land it. Instead of just holding your throw hand still and letting the yoyo come over the top, move the thrown hand down and under the yoyo at the same time the yoyo is coming around. Try to keep the throw hand as close as you can to the yoyo. It’s not a jerky movement but a slow deliberate move.

Hopefully that description helps.



Yes, the movement that rejects the string works best if you’re doing it slowly at first. Also, maybe try a different yoyo if you have one available. Some work better than others for me.


My little brother had a lot of trouble with the rejection. Turned out the trick for him is to keep the yoyo close to your throw hand on the way around and the rejection happens more easily. Keep the circular motion small, not large.