Help please!


I’m stuck on the trick called Magic Drop.I’m stuck on the part where you swing the yoyo around your non-throw hand so it doesn’t work.I’ve tried watching the video for it but I can’t land it so can anyone help please? Thanks!


Don’t worry man. No one can land it. Use the search button and find one of the 400 other magic drop help threads. You might find some helpful information. :wink:


Are you having trouble with the rejection part?.. when you swing the yoyo back over your Throwhand (not your non throwhand) and the string rejects off then lands on the back string?

If that is the part your talking about… normally when i do the trick as i’m swinging the yoyo back under my Throwhand I dont just swing around in a loop - i kinda pop it up as it swings around … helps reject the string


Give this a try

(Owen) #5

Its tough to learn, but once you do its rather easy to land (It was/is for me anyways.)

Its a rejection if that helps.


When I do it, I kind of cheat, and instead of swinging it around, I just kind of jump it.
Hope this helps! ;D