magic drop = wow

why is this so freaking hard to do correctly? I understand the concept of whats suppose to happen and it seems simple enough. I just literally tried doing this about 150 times and didn’t get it to land correctly a single time, the yoyo just insists on either landing on both of the strings, the string in front, or instead of doing that bit where it falls off, it takes the string around my finger with it ???..I dont think kamikaze and shockwave are worth the anger and frustration im feeling right now

its practice, and some things are easier to mage drop on, for example, if using a beast for example, or a slipnir its an easy reject (falls of string) i heard that phenoms/izm dont reject well, but i havnt played one. also, point the “gun” upwards

Try doing the move a bit slower. Two benefits: 1) it gives the yo-yo more time to reject and 2) it can give you more time to adjust the mount so that the yo-yo will land on the back string.


Experiment with your throw hand thumb. Try over compensating, turning it out to the side a bit. I know you want it straight up but sometimes while permforming this trick people turn it inside without realizing it. Also you may find that pointing your non throw hand point finger down a bit helps.

Hang in there. It took me so long to learn the Magic Drop. You will get it. I felt like a real “playa” once I got the hang of it.

for such a simple trick. it’s tough!
I can’t land it every time, but i’m getting more consistent at it. I concentrate on slowing it down. That seems to help.