Two fails @ Magic drop

I know it’s a difficult trick to understand. Watched and read every tutorial figured I’d record and analyze where I’m going wrong. I either land on both strings which I can pop off onto the right one, or I land it on , I can’t tell which one. When I Land on the string I’m talking bout which is in the second video.loom at my NTH point finger the strings cross each other and I can’t attempt the shockwave. Any suggestions?

Try performing the motion a little slower and point your NTH index finger down as you swing the yo-yo around.

You know…i have a quite long story with magic drops…i learned the trick till where i could perform it like 1/10 of the time,just so that i can say i know how to do it.I am not really into things that have a magic drop in them,so i never perfected it.1 week ago i got into some rejection tricks i made myself,and i was wondering if i could hit a magic drop again.I hitted 9/10 ,and i can do it consistently now.The point is,as you improve as a player,you will get better at every trick you do.You are learning kamikaze? Oh ,you previous trick probably got smoother.You got the ideea.
And also,Brandon Vu’s magic drop video is really helpfull.

Sorry about the horrid looking outfit :stuck_out_tongue: I was super tired after work tonight.

Watch my non throw hand… I find it easy to do the trick by spreading my non throw hand out a bit more to separate the strings. Hope this helps…