Magic Drop Frustration


Cutting to the point: I got the essence of the trick down, when I flick it over my hand the loop pops of my thumb allowing the string to land but it either always lands on the front sting or on both. (Mostly front string.) I have no idea how to fix this


Once you get the yoyo under your finger, move your hands over and try to land it on the back string. It may seem tough at first. Yu will NOT get it smoothly. Over time you will though.


^^^^ What he said basically! I had the same issue but if you move your non throw hand forward just as the yoyo comes over your throw-hand pointer then that might help. Or creating a gap between the front and back string with your non throw-hand middle finger. Just some suggestions. It’s just one of those tricks that take looooooots of repetition!


Exaggerate the motion by intentionally swing the yoyo back towards yourself.


i can’t even get the loop to pop, or do the actual drop… help!


Try to swing the yoyo as close around your throwhand pointer as possible for the rejection, like as small a circle around it as possible. Don’t let it swing any further than the length of your thumb.
One thing that helped me learn it is to swing it back and kind of let my yoyo ‘float’ behind my throwhand index and then jerk my hand back so that the yoyo went through the L that i made.
Also, knowing exactly what is happening and why helps a whole bunch.

Hope that helps!


Make sure to keep your hand strait and don’t move it.


I’ll make a video of it, and post it here. I’ll go shoot it now.


as i promised:


Hey Moise great video! All I would suggest for future tutorials is to slow down your explanations a little, but it was good!

Also, I found this video on Magic Drop and it helped quite a bit!

I’m not sure how to make it not embedded, since I don’t know if embedding is okay here. If it isn’t, I apologize!


Thanks! I tend to talk fast, but here i got really annoyed cuz that was the 8th time i filmed it. There were problems with string visibility, lighting, camera angle, and one tima, i filmed the whole thing perfectly, but i lookwd back and i was above the shot almost the whole time. Fml.


I wouldn’t bother, at first, the magic drop seems like such a big deal of a trick, I spent lots of time to learn it, only to find out I NEVER EVER get to use it, there are other ways to get there that you can and will figure out on your own later down the road.

it won’t make you worse as a player if you master it, but my opinion there is that you’ll be better off working on something else like the ladder mount for example. Much better looking, easier to perform, and actually useful.


Hey Moise,
Not a bad attempt at making a video. You need to use a contrasting string (different color than the background and your shirt) and yoyo (different color than the string & background) with good lighting to make it clear. Use the neon yellow or green string with the blue 888 or spyy supra (and a black or white shirt). A tripod and talking slower will help too.
This week end we’ll set something up so you can do it on your own when I’m away. By the way, I still didn’t get the magic drop either. Think you can teach your Dad?

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Getting the yoyo to leand on the back string requires that your throw hand is in the right position. This depends a bit on your hands, so experiment with the position of your throw hand and see how close you can get.