Magic Drop, I can't seem to find the magic...

I’m have issues with the magic drop. Every time I try and swing it around my throw hand, It either rejects the string late, or when it lands, it lands on the back string, but it is reversed. All of the videos tutorials just briefly get on this topic, they are like “just let it land on the back string, and the yoyo should reject itself”, yet I am having a lot of issues with it. I first thought I had it down, but a guy at my meet was like, well that’s sorta right, except the string on your right index finger shouldn’t be twisted. So, apparently I landed it on the back string, but backwards I guess, in what sorta looks like a weird 1.5 mount. Any tips, videos, suggestions would be very helpful, thanks.

It’s suppopsed to have a twist in it when you do magic drop. If you look at the tutorial for kamikaze, the last part you do magic drop and swing it around your index finger onto that string.

When you make the pointer finger of your throw hand go under the string, try tilting it down towards the ground a bit, like you are making an imaginary gun. This should help the yoyo ‘pop’ off the second string and onto the back string (one closest to your body). This video should help too…


Also swing the yoyo from your non throw. Most of the motion should come from there. You’re not swinging the loop which contains the yoyo. Swing the yoyo around the loop. So the yoyo is moving but not the strings. Hope that helps some. Magic drop is hard. It’s worth it though.

I finally landed a correct magic drop! The angling of my “L” wasn’t my main issue. My main issue was not throwing the yoyo towards the end of my throw-hand index finger. The only way I can seem to land it correctly is if it is at the very tip of the finger, almost like it’s going to miss or is like a cm away from falling off. I’ll have to work on this, but I’m finally glad I was able to do it correctly. Before, when I landed it, or thought I landed it, I was in a weird 1.5 mount looking thing. Now I see the correct way to do it. Thanks

I must admit that no other tutorial has been as helpful as this one! The tips on this thread on top of it have made me start to get the hang of it and end some frustration. Thanks guys!

I know that this thread is kinda done but I have also been having issues with magic drop and I thought it was better to just post here than create a new thread. Sorry if I am wrong. I haven’t seen anyone else who has this same problem. When I swing it over, I can hit the string normally, but there is an extra loop on my index finger and no loop around my wrist. Anyone have any suggestions to help with this

What I do is when it’s 11:00 to the left I pull my thumb back