Magic drop, I want to give up Yoyoing?


I learned magic drop the other day with an hour of practice. I learned Shockwave on the same day.

I guess all yo-yoers are different.

I was having this same problem. I learned that the string wasnt rejecting because i had too much slack in the string as it came over my pointer. Try pulling your hands apart ever so slightly as the yoyo is coming around your pointer. This keeps the string taught and will help with the rejection. Once you get the rejection part down it becomes easier to hit that back string with a little practice. Hope this helps!

I picked up magic drop about six months ago and had a similar issue. Mine was caused by two factors.

the biggest one being I have small hands so I had exaggerate the L shape of my throw hand literally trying to stretch my index and thumb as far apart as they would go.

the second was my throw hand hand position I found that if I pointed my throw hand thumb at my non throw hand shoulder I would land it.


I also am having a hard time on MD but very recently I started to feel like I am finally finding
a break-through, so I wanted to share my thoughts.

First, whenever I get stuck on a trick I try not to get obsessed on little details,
they usually take me off the real point. I try to think rationally, it’s just mechanics after all…

My “ideas” about learning MD:

–I realized that if your execution is too perfect, meaning hands/string/yoyo are perfectly in line,
then the yoyo cannot do anything other than landing on the outer string.
No matter whether you “L” il large, small or whatever.

–You must “break the symmetry”. Try to bring your throw-hand slightly forward while the
yoyo swings around your throw-hand.
This simply takes the outer string off-axis and away from the yoyo trajectory as it lands.
Now aiming to the inner string should be much easier.

–Try to emphasize the forward move of the hand a lot at first.
The yoyo will awkwardly incline sidewise and you
probably won’t be able do MD more than once without binding and starting over. But if it works
as it did for me, then you’ll be able to reduce it gradually until you don’t even realize you are doing it

hope this helps–cheers

Hi i had rhe same problem with boing e boing. Then i discoverd something.when your in the boing piosition curl the first finger of your trow hand too give it a little “hook” it helps to keep the strings an throw straight

yeah saammmeee here. I’d rather make my own tricks and such. More fun to show off that then tricks a ton of other people know. Plus I want to have fun learning tricks, not stand there dying from magic drop haha

i find that it’s easier to do magic drop with speed and strength, swing it around a bit faster and it should reject the string better.

i do my magic drops with a roll, i get in a trapeze, place NTH over TH, so my NTH fingers are pointing towards me and NTH thumb is on the string coming directly from NTH, then do a counter-clockwise roll and you should be in a magic drop mount. now just do the roll and the drop itself in one smooth move. it looks nice and seems to help me with my consistency.

I’ve learned this tip from the great monkeyfinger (check out his website) after landing the trapeze put your NTH ring finger in and pull it a little, then do magic drop. This will prevent the yoyo landing on two or the front string. Also ‘aim’ the yoyo towards the back string.

I have attempted this trick yesterday and it took me less than half an hour to figure out how it works, and another hour practicing and figuring out a strategy to make it always land on the back string and not on two strings “apart from what mentioned in tutorials to aim for the tip of you TH index finger”…

I found out that opposite to most of string tricks that ask you to put your finger as close as possible to the yoyo. you have to let it land away for your TH index finger simply because the closer you land to you TH index finger you find that the two string are closer to each other… if you land it in the middle and make sure that the strings are not tight “make it loose” when the yoyo hits it will hit the back string and allow it to drop smoothly.

I paid close attention to each of the points i mentioned in the video i posted earlier in this thread.

  1. how far apart the to hands from each other to get the most space between the two strings.
  2. how high to let the yoyo go after swinging.
  3. the best possible spot to let the yoyo land after the swing and catch in the TH index finger.
  4. Don’t let you thumb going upwards to allow easy rejection, i.e. make it poing slightly downward so that when the yoyo lands the string will easily slips of it.
  5. how far apart your to hands from each other when the yoyo lands to make sure that the string has the most appropriate looseness.

I hope this was clear and helpful. this one of the tricks that needs fine tuning rather than more practicing.

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I love how enigmatic this trick is, as it seems there are so many different “tricks” to landing it. I think it is one of those tricks you just have to keep at from time to time until you figure out what works for you. I had a friend how insists you have to swing it really hard around the finger, but I can’t get the rejection unless I swing it gently. Yet it works for both of us!

I believe it much has to do with making the string around the NTH fingers (L shape) loose when swinging the yoyo to allow it to make a gap between the two strings before landing it… it still cannot get it correctly all the times. but when it hits right i keep hitting it right for 5 or 6 consecutive tries. and when it hits wrong it does the same. I am still trying to figure out the magic combination for me.

Look at this video and concentrate how loose he make the string around the L Shape fingers and what amazing space he gets between the strings to easily land on the required string…I tried to imitate with no success :frowning:

The OP hasn’t been on since posting, i think it’s too late guys

Haha! That would be… hilarious…!

Still, some of us also want to grok Magic Drop! Hats off to the OP for leaving a legacy of learning although he abandoned yoyoing. :wink:

Hahaha, Funny.

But still any one searching for a post on this trick might find this helpful, don’t you think?

Just start with a “cheat” magic drop where you pop it out early. Eventually you’ll get it. No Matter What, don’t give up.

Alrighty dokey. I can do it! Finally decided to invest some time and remembered this thread. Looked at all the videos… man, it’s such a weird move. And utterly without external reward: nobody watching you will see what happened or know why you needed to do one. Completely unimpressive and in fact unnoticed by the uninformed audience and probably sometimes even the informed audience.

All rewards shall be intrinsic only! . o O ( “Yes! I landed it again, and so much smoother this time!” )

MrYoyoM’s tip of spreading apart the strings with the NTH made it all work seamlessly (along with stumbl1’s TH position). Maybe some day I’ll pull them off without that trick, but for now I’m happy just to land that sucker!

Just got this down recently myself. I didn’t have much trouble with it, but you are right about it being unimpressive by itself.

Next: Kamikaze, I want to give up yoyoing?

Hah, haven’t tried that one yet. Annoying? :wink: I was thinking of And Whut. Has a bunch of elements I haven’t used before, and I always like learning elements in the context of a larger trick. Even for this one, I’ll be moving directly to Shockwave.

The Magic drop is the only hard part of shockwave you’ll have that down in a single sitting most likely. I’m glad the TH position helped :slight_smile:

This helped me A TON