Delayed learning

when i practice a trick i see very little improval, that is until the next day. I will spend an hour, hour and a half just practicing a trick. During this time the rate at which i land will hardly increase. When i go to continue to practice the trick the next day i found that i have noticeably improved.

For example last night i spent over an hour practicing kwijibo. I that time i landed the trick only 4-5 times. Today when i picked up my yoyo i landed that many times in 3 or 4 minutes.

Has any else experienced this and does any one know what causes this. ???

I’m pretty sure this is because of muscle memory.


It’s because you “slept on it”. Your mind was on “replay” mode while you were asleep. Happens to me all the time.

Lucky, never happens to me.

I often experience this. But, then again, I don’t get to practice much these days as my schedule and life keep getting re-arranged and it’s become impossible to get almost anything done anymore.

This is rather normal. The only important thing is you’re moving forward.

When you sleep it remembers the movements that you did while you were awake and makes it easier for you to do them after you sleep. Your brain creates new pathways from neurons in your brain to help you accomplish what you were doing and make it easier, like that kwijibo you did over and over. When the brain creates new pathways it make it easier and faster to accomplish. A little in depth but just letting you know. I like science alot, hehe.

That basically means that practice makes perfect, sleep makes even more perfect.