Yoyo habits/rituals/obsessive compulsions

There was a “contest” a while back surrounding this topic of discussion, so instead of reviving that thread, I decided to start a new discussion for the sake of, well… discussion.

So what are some habits/rituals/or obsessive compulsions that you have in regards to yoyos?

I’ll start:

I ALWAYS, and I do mean every day/all day MUST have a yoyo with me; usually in my pocket or on my desk while I work if I’m not playing it.

I also have this habit of storing my “plugs” [for the gaping 5/8" holes in my ear lobes] in the cup of the yoyo that I carried that day. I empty my pockets in one of two spots every evening- on top of my dresser, or inside my “man-cabinet” (lol). The yoyo I carried that day goes next to my wallet, and my plugs go into the yoyo.

I use wood plugs too, so they never ever get stinky or “cheesy” like with plastic or metal plugs- so it’s not gross.


I have to screw together throws with 5 palm twists and usually loosen the grip on the 2nd or 3rd twist. Lol

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Also almost everyday if I’m not busy I have an urge to post on Evan’s thread about yoyo memes.

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I have to make sure my string tension and bind are good before I put it away.
I also take a yoyo pretty much wherever I go.


Oh that reminds me: Whenever I feel like I wanna take a break I have to do a specific trick that I’m struggling on successfully before I put it down. It happens most frequently on 4a


every day, before breakfast, I release a yoyo,(It’s like my first morning cigarette:)

When I leave a yoyo I always leave it without tension on the rope.

the yoyos mint, normally, I only play at home, I do not take them to the street … it has happened several times to take me a yoyo mint abroad and that same day: “ding” = anger with myself for skipping the custom :frowning:

I never leave two yoyo of the same color together, never!

I do not put ropes of the same color as the yoyo that wears them.

I do not like the orange or the yellow color for a yoyo, I avoid them :slight_smile:


I do the same with kendama and yoyo, always end on a high note for any throw I may be using, so that frustration isn’t the thing I think of when I pick it up again


Me exactly

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Everytime I start throwing a yoyo the first trick has to be Revolutions.

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Pretty much this for me. I hate having the yoyo snag on a knot on the first throw of my day


Id say this is my only one. But then I still do a safety throw every time I pick up a yoyo regardless of whether I know that I put it away ‘clean’.


Same here - I still throw it and check the tension right when I start, even though I know it should be good.

I only take yoyos apart to clean or switch bearings. I always get knots out like you would a fixie.


I christen every yoyo I get with a spirit bomb on the first throw. It’s their welcome home present.


i do pinwheels compulsively.



I’ve noticed pin wheels are right up there with fingerspins for impressing people who dont throw.


I have a recurring dream that I’m on a plane that’s getting hijacked. For some reason the hijackers single me out. I end up stopping the attack with a red FH2. One strong loop disarms the first assailant. I get two perps at the same time with a mighty “around the world”.
The most unrealistic part of the entire dream is the fact that I’m using a prototype translucent red Freehand 2 that never leaves the house.

Edit: forgot to mention that right when the action starts that song “Holding out for a hero” starts to play, and that I’m still 20 years younger approximately when I started to have this dream.


That dream was legen… Wait for it… dary


Me too