Confessions of Yoyoers

Post your shameful yoyo confessions here!

I’ll start… I sometimes miss trapeze… :-[

I often play with my Dragon Jam :stuck_out_tongue:

I sometimes pretend all yoyo’s have feelings and I throw all of them so they don’t feel abandoned.


so he was better, I hated him for laughing at me so when I was 6, I smashed my brothers yoyo with a hammer…


I dinged my Wooly Marmot 2. And I was Like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!.

I murdered my baby brother and buried him in the backyard. Later the dog dug him up. My parents are still paying for therapy, but it’s for them.

I’ve fallen asleep with a yoyo in my hand.

I’ve whacked myself in the you know where and the face to the point of real pain and damage.

If I get a new yoyo that I REALLY love, I’ll Walk the Dog with it to get the rims good and scuffed.

If it plays like crap after I scuff the rims, I’ll write off that model as unreliable forever and never get another one.


lol same here

I laugh every time my friend (who’s only been throwing for 2 months) hits himself - it happens often.


I have the urge to ding new yoyos just once to make them “mine” but I never go through with it

I sometimes throw my yoyo to the ground in frustration :-X

My parents won’t let me bring yoyos to school since the month I started (May 2013) because I got a C in 1 class and straight A’s in every other class. My mom thought I was too focused on yoyoing and not on school (Got a C since my Computer Graphics Art project got corrupted and I didn’t have anything to show to the class). But a year later I brought yoyos to school throughout the whole school year (junior year) and might do it again this year in my senior year. Even taught 5 people everything up to intermediate and taught them some advanced stuff like plastic whip and gyroscopic flop.

Also my birthday is on May 16, 1999. I’m 15, and I’m gonna be a senior. I skipped a few grades. Does that count as a confession XD

My conditions for ever owning a General Yo has been to wail it on the ground to give it vibe. I traded for a Hattrick once, smashed it on the ground, and traded it off again later that day for something more worthwhile that what I started with.

I only have one metal

Which is?


Shai is that you?

I feel for you, bro. Having only one birthday in a lifetime must be harsh

I’ve hit myself int he forehead with a 68g AL7 Quake on a hard throw and it ripped it open and I was bleeding for half an hour lol