(????????? ??????) #1

What yoyo related stuff gives you OCD? I’d like to know! The prize is, again, the satisfaction of winning! Ends on Christmas Eve.

(????????? ??????) #2

I can’t stand dirty strings, or even the smallest scratches!

({John15}) #3

It really really bothers me when my bearings start to make unnecessary noise. So I take the shields off and clean them.

And I also don’t typically play the strings that come with new yo-yos. I much prefer my own strings.

(Ken) #5

I don’t think you should use a hundred strings in 2 months! Make the most out of every string, I don’t think the quality of kitty fat starts deteriorating even after an hour of rigorous practice.

(Gethin) #7

when I get a scuff on my wood throws, I scuff the other side so it’s even.
I smart.

(ChrisFrancz) #8

Oh, no! But whatever works for ya! But still…intentional damage? It’s just a toy though (I said that because it’s like blood in the water).

(Gethin) #9

Yeah, I like wood cause it still looks good when you scuff it, no pain no gain?


I sometimes wish I could have an axle and bearing on each side… also I arrange my yoyos with the same shape and colour on opposite sides and so inwards.

(Gethin) #11

My little bro does that, but he puts the logos/engravings face up, so when I use his throws and don’t put em back correctly he knows haha

(Mash Mastar) #12

When others bring me their yoyo’s to try (especially children) I have to replace the strings before I throw them. I don’t even like touching the string to replace it because they are usually nasty looking and feeling. I also like sanitizing the yoyo too. You never know if people wash their hand or where their hands have been.

(Gethin) #13

Haha this one is my favourite!! I just pictured someone trying to hand you a yoyo, and you pulling out some sanitizer and pouring it all on their throw before taking it! :joy:

(Mash Mastar) #14

Have you ever given your phone to a child for a brief moment so they can be amused? It gets so dirty that the touch screen doesn’t work until you clean it.

(Gethin) #15

Yeah man I get ya. When my little cousins leave the house after visiting, I basically just clean the whole house, kids are kinda gross hahaha


Three things I have to do on any new yo-yo:

  1. loctite the axle (the non-hex side, of course)
  2. lubricate the bearing to my HYPERSPIN™ specifications
  3. put a small drop of heavy lube on the axle (the hex side, of course)

(Ethan Evans) #17

I honestly dont like to loctite my axles. I dont know why, but i just feels good to be able to unscrew it.

And because i never loctite axles. It felt kinda weird using that banshee @codinghorror gave me. I just couldn’t put my finger on it till now


You’re not hearing me. :wink:

I loctite ONE SIDE of the axle, the side that’s NOT SUPPOSED to come out.

I lubricate the other side… that is supposed to come out :thinking:

(Ethan Evans) #19

I know. But I just dont like having a static axle. Again… No idea why


Loctite isn’t permanent and isn’t meant to be. It’s more of a “suggestion” that things stay put. (also I should mention that I use blue which is the medium kind of loctite on the scale of stickiness)

You can use a hex key tool – which is easy, right, because the hex key side just happens to be the the side of the axle that came out when you unscrewed it :wink: – and unscrew the axle if you want. Nothing precludes you from doing this.

(Spinworthy Glen) #21

Why do you do these things?


Because if you don’t, every time you unscrew the yoyo you might get the hex key side of the axle, or you might get the “wrong” side with a solid metal end. It’s kind of a crapshoot.

I prefer it when I unscrew any yoyo if the hex side of the axle always comes out for quick access.