You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...


When you feel like canceling your camping trip because you’ll miss yoyo club, and you want to get your package with yoyo parts on the day it arrives.


When you stash spare bundles of string at every one of your daily spots, in the event the string you have becomes too worn for your taste.

(yoyobro!) #2823

When you leave the house for the day and you realize you don’t have your yoyo so you drive back 20 minutes to get one

(Ian sims) #2824

When you look at a price of a yoyo and it’s 250 dollars and your like that’s pretty cheap for a metal yoyo.


Lol! :joy: yes!

You know you are obsessed with yoyoing when people at college only know you by “the yoyo guy” and have 0 idea what your name is.

(InvaderDust) #2826

…spending more than 300$ for a yoyo seems like a good idea. xD

(Erik Kerber ) #2827

When you will Just drop $106 for a yoyo on a whim because your local yoyo store just got some new throws in stock and YoYoExpert shipping takes like 3 days😂

Nothing against yoyoexpert obviously I love this store just sometimes you gotta have it now😛


I love yoyoexpert as well but supporting local shops is worth the extra few dollars!


When you are looking forward to a yo-yo selling out to end the temptation.

Currently waiting.


Don’t know if this has been done before, but should be fun. I’ll go first.

You know you’re a yoyo addict when, your whole paycheck goes to new yoyos.


This has been done, I’m not sure exactly what it’s called though. I bet a mod will add this to the old one :wink:


Seek help…


Right on, didn’t find anything when I looked. Well, if a mod wants to remove this, go ahead. ;D


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(Erik Kerber ) #2835

You know your obsessed with yoyoing when, no matter how many times you set your yoyo down. No matter hhow many times you get distractewd with life. You will always coime back to it because the addiction never stops, and the addiction will always pull you back in.


So true. So true.


I keep trying to be happy with all that i have, yet keep ordering more yoyo’s creating yoyo adhd when throwing ;D


You know you are obsessed with yoyoing when you attempt to play two different styles together no matter how hard it is.


You see an object and imagine a string around it and wonder if you could do 4a


You know your obsessed with yoyoing when you try to use anything small as a counterweight