You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...


borderline both IMO


Perhaps when you deliberately keep spare Yoyos and string in both your car and place of work “just in case”.

Also, when you live within a large population and as you walk into city stores you’re pointed at and identified as “the Yoyo guy” even when your not carrying your Yoyo.


When an unfortunate event happens, the first thing you turn to is your yoyo…happened with me today when I found out I would no longer have a job after Friday, creating a frustrating and stressful situation. First thing was pulling out my Vosun Time and just start throwing.


Tuck yur jub!


^Derker-derrr… :slight_smile:

… When you start planning out some yoyo trick tutorials and plan on taking your camera when you when going on a pokémon catching spree :slight_smile:

(Erik Kerber ) #2806

You know your obsessed with yoyoing when your graduation party is today and your throwing to lessen the stress of seeing all your extended family members.


also you know your obsessed with yoyoing when being nervous makes you think so much about yoyoing that you go back to an old yoyo Forum that you haven’t visited in years to bump a thread that hasn’t been bumped in almost a year that talks about being obsessed with yoyoing😂


When you find a yoyo string in the pocket of the pants that have been under the bed for a month

When you find a yoyo in your bed


When you have one in the car,

two in the night stand,

six on the bench in the great room

and who knows how many in the home office.

(Spinworthy Glen) #2809

Is your ‘great room’ right next to your antechamber?


When you can’t sleep & you start rehearsing in your mind the steps of tricks as a substitute for counting sheep. It took my mind off troubles some, can’t say it was a useless activity.


When you print a Yoyo with a 3D printer. :grinning:


When you play with an invisible yoyo when you forget your yoyo.

(rizkiyoist) #2813

When you post yoyo photos and videos on instagram.


Right next to it.

Great video.


You know your obsessed with yoyoing if the biggest thing affecting the outcome of a talent show is whether or not you are going to enter.


You know your obsessed when the only reason you get up early is to throw


#12 is me
When you yoyo in the car/bus
When you yoyo at school and everyone wants to try but you are too protective of your yoyos


When you say ur done with buying yoyos after your skyva but end up buying $300 worth of yoyos


When you get really annoyed at someone for asking you to do “your best trick”


When you go out on a cold winter day and you realize you are wearing two yoyo gloves instead of regular glovea