You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...

(rizkiyoist) #2781

When you say, “Oh, not this thread again!” in YYE forum.


Oh… This thread again?


When Everything you hear reminds you of yo-yoing even when its not.

(Spinworthy Glen) #2784

When you take a yoyo to the john with you just so you can look at it while your pinching a loaf.


I admit to nothing.

When you wake up, the first thing you do is check your tracking and/or check social medias for yoyo updates/bsts/forums.


Ah yes, this thread again…ugh


Amen to this.


Stop looking at your (Werrd) Poo! :slight_smile:

Would be worse if one was yoyoing while… (no I haven’t done that)

When you think of getting a friend who has never yoyoed before a yoyo for their bday, as they seem interested and like all your IG yoyo trick posts.

(Erik Kerber ) #2788

When your Instagram feed is 95% yoyo stuff


Not to derail the thread, but what’s your IG?

Back on topic, when you get lost in a store because you were too busy throwing.

(Erik Kerber ) #2790

My instagram is @kerbererik I occasionally post yoyo pictures I havn’t done any trick circles yet Most of the time I just post random picture of stuff. I was mainly referring to all the people I follow as being mostly yoyo stuff.


When your favorite cereal becomes yoyo bearings.

When your spaghetti noodles are yoyo string.


Rollieo’s and stringhetti.


You know your are obsessed with yoyoing when you spend all your birthday money on strings, pads, and a new yoyo.

(InvaderDust) #2794

Sadly the OP is no longer obsessed. lol

(yoyobro!) #2795

lol I totally get it!!! Every time I try to yoyo in front of non-throwers!


when you bleeeed

(Erik Kerber ) #2797

When you take pictures of your yoyo…like a lot


Obsessed thrower’s problems …


Thought this would be a cool topic. How do you know if you are addicted to yoyoing???

I found out this morning when i was laying in an MRI and was working through a combo i learned in my head to pass the time…I know im addicted…


Last week I hit my boss with a yo-yo at work, then I snapped at him for walking in front of me…don’t know if that points to addictive behavior or just being a blockhead.