You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...


When you hear someone has a titanium hip and you wonder “Can I make a yoyo out of that?” This actually happened to me today.


When you feel empty when you forget to bring a yoyo with you, almost feels like leaving your cell phone or wallet behind.

And at my work (where I convert video tapes and other obsolete media to digital media) I recently took on responsibility for repairing busted VHS tapes. Sometimes I have to open the shell and pull the spool out. I’ll find myself grabbing the spool by the center and with my “throw hand” so to speak, will pull the tape gently to get enough excess to work with, but will pull in such a way I’m doing a pull start on a hubstack yoyo.

Lastly, when you realized you missed the opportunity of filming the Zipper trick when at the fair. I was at my local county fair over the weekend and was near the carnival (could see the Zipper poking over the top of one of the other carnie rides). I was doing the Zipper trick but never actually got to make it to the crowded midway otherwise I would have filmed the Zipper trick in front of the classic carnival attraction.

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When this keeps getting bumped.


Lol I even made little elastc holsters that clip on to my pants for my throws!



How about when you cut yourself up yoyoing but you just can’t physically stop.


When you still throw without response pads since my Classic works fine without them lol


When you’re sitting down at work knowing there’s a new package at home waiting for you that contains your Yo-Yos and your anxiously waiting to be able to leave work!!! lol


You’re stoked that you influenced someone to get a yoyo. Specially when they’re a beginner and they go straight to a unresponsive and learned to bind.


When your boss tells you to leave your yoyo at home…major bummer.


When you have to bring a yoyo on a school field trip


gaa!!! Exactly. Total bummer.


Well, they can’t tell you that you can’t yoyo on break or lunch, that’s your personal time and you’re entitled to spend your personal time how you like (within reason of course).

…but yea what a butt of a boss.

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You know your obsessed with yoyoing when you join a community online where this is one of the top ten forum topics


You write your personal reflective essay about yoyoing for your English folio for your exam(wish me luck!!).

Well to be fair, I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed but I still throw as a sort of stress relief and because it’s fun even though I’m not looking to learn any new tricks/combos.


When you know how to spell Hiroyuki Suzuki without looking it up… along with some others


When you’re constantly try to get people to pick up yoyoing so you have a friend to talk and throw with. I’m lonely…


PM me sometime Heero. I don’t mind skyping and throwing/discussing yoyos. I’m still trying to get people down here in south FL.


When you leave work in a bad mood because your yoyo package never arrived while you were present.

… Yea I was looking forward to trying out my Rave and Quash when I got home.

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You know it when you spend over a thousand dollars on new yoyos and goin to contests…

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When you bring threads about it back from the dead.

Or practice that new trick till 5AM instead of studying.