You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...


During boring lectures, I like to create tricks in my head… I don’t know why, but it works really well. Stay in school, kids. It will help you create cool tricks.


:smiley: I gotta try that one

(Erik Kerber ) #2743

When you make this acronym.

Yolo= Yoyo or lose out


That’s just weird

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About half the tricks I create that way work, but the other half just ends up in a huge knot.


Half of them turn out great
The other half make you feel like you missed a step. :smiley: :smiley:


When you stay up an extra 30 minutes just trying to do a certain trick, completely forgetting for a while you have “responsibility” or “aspirations” or whatever.

They’re just things made up by the man. I’m not a part of the system.

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When you keep bumping this thread.

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when a mysterious yoyoer bumped this thread and then you commented

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When you comment on this thread just to follow up.

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When you don’t know why you browse yoyoexpert more than actually play yoyos.


:smiley: … well, actually… uh… hmm… that’s actually quite accurate. :smiley:


When your parents call and you unconsciosly drift the conversation into a new trick you’ve made up.


That just doesn’t seem right

How about when you bring a yoyo to a soccer tournament knowing that you can’t possibly have time to throw it but you bring it anyways.

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It might not seem realistic but it happens. It’s not like I’m an independent adult though. I’m a teenager- but if my mom calls while I’m out it seems like the conversation always turns to Yoyoing somehow. It’s not like if someone calls with serious news I drift the conversation to Yoyoing. That’s just wrong.

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When your yoyo is expensive then your phone.


Oh man, dem feels…


people watching and complimenting you get annoying because it hapens everywhere you go