You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...


I drive people nuts everyday. It’s usually the noise, though.


How about when you feel that you just have to hold a yoyo in your hand no matter what you are doing.


^^ I know this feel.

Regarding the noise: this is why I clean and lube my bearings. :wink: It makes it just that much less likely to annoy people. :smiley:


When you dream of a new yoyo trick in your head and wake up and can actually do it

(Happened to me a few times, it’s awesome!)


Done that one.

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When your 1% awake with your eyes mostly closed adjusting to the light of your computer screen you can hardly see and yet you can still navigate the YYE home page surprisingly well.

This was me when I got up this morning


Doing this right now… Except iPad and more like .5% awake. Autocorrect ftw. And it has taken like 10 minutes to post this because keep falling asleep lol

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i could navigate this site with my eyes closed…


Yep. There’s a Shutter in my backpack right now which I’m quite sure will not be thrown in my cubicle.


:smiley: :smiley:


When you gotta take a shower, but you have to hit that combo flawlessly one more time.


Ditto, except tonight it was, “When you’re supposed to pour the tea for your wife…”

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When your mom gives you a school/Life lesson using yoyo’s as examples. It was pretty funny


I am a Catholic and went to church one day and our priest, who is very entertained with our yoyoing, used it in his sermon. I can’t remember how he used it but I was paying full-on attention after I heard that word “yoyo” :smiley:

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When yoyoexpert is one of the fastest words you can type


When you spend $375 in 2 days on yoyo stuff you don’t actually NEED.



When we can make a thread about being obsessed with yoyoing that is 183 pages long about stuff we do due to our obsession with yoyoing.

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Yea I’ve read every page in this thread Thats due to obsession right there


I’m with you. I’ve done the same thing. I joined this thread at about 50 pages in and I read all the pages up to that point. :smiley: