You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...


'nuff said


Video is private

(major_seventh) #2703

What the heck? Your patience is admirable.


WOAH thats alot ;D

(Erik Kerber ) #2705

wanna give some of those away since your not using them?


Yes Yes Yes please


when you forget to bring your yoyo to school but have strings in your bag so you tie one end to a stick hoping it will work.


Never done that one.

(Erik Kerber ) #2709

me neither I think if you were obsessed with yoyoing you wouldn’t forget to bring a yoyo :smiley:


Too true :smiley:

Sorry fastorange2000, you’re not obsessed.


When you carry a yoyo even though you are at work and there is a 0.01% chance of having a second to throw…

(Erik Kerber ) #2712

I do that for my behind the wheel lessons I know I’ll be sitting in a car driving the whole time but I bring a yoyo anyways


yea, i keep a velocity at work just in case. i’ve thrown it maybe 2 times over the past 6 months and that was during a very short eat at my desk lunch break when nobody was looking.


I know this guy isn’t gonna just give these away, but let’s not be a tease here, open those things! ;D

Am I the only one who was left hanging, hoping it would be the mother of all unboxing vids?

Doing that right now. N12 goes with me everywhere, even if I know for a fact I’m not even gonna get out of the car

  1. When one of your child’s first words is “yo-yo!”

  2. When your mailman now knows the name of several brands and asks “whatcha got this time?”

  3. When you have a “Yo-Yo” category formally part of the family budget.

  4. When you take the time to make a list of the signs you’re obsessed with yo-yoing. (whoa, meta.)


When you yoyo a bit too much at work and then they implement a “yoyo safe zone” for you and then you eventually slowly work your way back into yoyoing all over work again and nobody bothers to force you back into the yoyo safe zone. :wink:

(major_seventh) #2717

lol nice


You’re not the only one. But that guy has waited a year plus before unboxing a yoyo.

(Erik Kerber ) #2719

Did that actually happen? lol


It did. Well, it continues to happen… it’s ongoing. There’s another yoyoer at work, though and he’s been taking a break so maybe it just seemed less “yoyo”… but he’s recovering and we’re likely to drive everyone nuts again soon.