You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when

Hey guys this is a fun game i found on a different forum

you know your obsessed with yoyoing when you

1.dream about yoyos
2.don’t see your girl friend trying on swim suits because your yoyoing
3.your busting out combos when your watching TV and don’t even know it

now you guys keep it going!!!

  1. Carry 3 yo-yos on you at all time even to sleep

Truth, anyone else do this along with me and streets?

2 Likes see a string and wonder if it would make a good yoyo string

  1. You here the name of a yo-yo when the intentional use was in no way in that context. :slight_smile:

  2. Homework…throw…homework…throw…homew…throwthrowthrow!

  3. You’re not thinking about the test next period, you’re thinking about how to smoothen out your newest combo.

  4. You admit to being obsessed. I am anyways. XD


Number 6 happens to me all the time!

  1. You make your username in other games as names of yoyos.

Me too! It was the first I thought of because it occurs so much! :slight_smile:

  1. Your favorite made up animal comes from a yo-yo name. (Isn’t the Wooly Marmot interesting looking?)
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  1. Bring 3 yoyos to school for no reason
  1. when you go anywhere you have a yoyo in your hands.
  2. you talk to friends about yoyos
  1. In school day dreaming about the guy teaching a yoyo trick on here who makes a lot of the learn videos
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Both quoted for pure truth

  1. You try to scheme up a way to be able to throw while driving
  2. You find yourself thinking of the most effective ways to use your yoyo(s) as a weapon
  3. You chat on yoyo forums when you should be focusing on the networking test your are in the middle of

18.) You can do combos with your eyes closed.


Should be Number 19…

  1. You do some kind of a heart trick to impress a girl at school. ;D
  1. You lay in bed awake for like 3 hours thinking of how to do a trick andthe next morning you land it. ;D

When you feel a surface and think to yourself “This would make a great finish for a yoyo”.

  1. When your bored, you think of all your combos and what to do so you smooth them out.

Its like all i do anymore, ive also planned out combos in my head lol “wonder if this will work?!”

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Looping might work. like doing some hop the fences out the window. i’ve thought this through a lot.

  1. You go to Yoyo forums more than Facebook.
  1. Your homepage on your computer is yoyoexpert

In that case, i am obsessed. i did all of these except the swimsuit one. probably because i don’t have a girlfriend. my last one dumped me because… wow never mind.

oh and i cant drive but i do think of trying to yoyo while in my desk at school.

  1. you think of ways to yoyo from your desk at school.
  2. you are known as the yoyo guy at school
  3. you start a yoyo club
  4. you cary 5 yoyos on you at once. 2 for 1a, 1 for people who want to try, 1/2 for looping, and a bigyo for OS
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  1. Dream of your friend giving you a Sovereign for your birthday.
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