Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread


You guys should do 63-64g for your next throw, all of your throws have been on the heavier side so far


It wasn’t supposed to be that heavy…


Yea but I’m just saying even their planned 67g is still on the heavier side


Oh yeah, Daniel is on the team now.


What a way to announce that :joy::joy:




(Erik Kerber ) #568


who’s Danial?


Daniel is @yoyosonly on instagram. I really like his tricks actually!

These are two videos. He also won the Tropic Spins one throw video contest a while back.

(Erik Kerber ) #570

Oh him


Yeah. His forum name is “Dkiminator”

(Amplified) #572

I dig those heavy masses. Not every company has to specialize in sub 64g return tops. Variety is good. If it’s not a design goal, why force it?

(Erik Kerber ) #573

OH LOL :smiley: Thank you for making me feel completely stupid and congradulations on making the TSYC team


Haha thanks!

(major_seventh) #575

Wait, Daniel? Do you go to the DXL meets?

I think you won amateur division at the West Coast Regionals too. You have that blue KYStar b-grade yoyo you used for that 5a best trick contest once?

Is that you? I’m probably confusing you with someone else.


Thanks! I like to think of it having the power of the shipwreck in a more maneuverable and smaller package :slight_smile:


I don’t go to DXL usually, I DID win amateur division at West Coast yoyo championships, but I don’t have a KYS b-grade. I haven’t done a best trick contest before. I remember you from west coast though! You had the shiny prestige that I tried to fingerspin on.

(major_seventh) #578

Ok lol yeah you and someone else (Who I think’s name is also Daniel) I’m confusing you with.

Congratz on the team! You got some sweet tricks.

Yeah I remember you, for a sec just thought you were also some other guy lol ;D


My scale says 71.2g for the prototype, not what I was expecting


Not what we were expecting either :stuck_out_tongue: