Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread

Tropic Spins is based upon the ideas of teenagers. It has grown through YoyoExpert, and fueled from the community.

With the oldest person here being 16, we’re proud to call ourselves a yoyo company.

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Please contact us if you have any comments, questions, or are interested in supporting our company, shoot us an email at:


Puffin 2ish. Looks good.

Should ship them stock with buddha bearings, cheap but play great :slight_smile:

I like it. Shape looks like it’d be good for grinds, lightweight for faster play, low wall for horizontal, and hub looks like it’d be good for fingerspins, definitely my style :smiley:

Good luck! If you guys need a tester, I’d be down

actually hadn’t seen the puffin 2 before I designed it, but It’ll be plenty different :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton again :wink:

Looks amazing! If you guys are in need of a tester, hit me up!


We would gladly let you all test it once you buy it :wink:

Shipping which Buddha bearings isn’t a bad idea thanks!

If you need testers, I’m your man. :wink:

Looks Awesome!

Its really cool to see 4 forum members start there own company

Good Luck to you

So we have our prices.

If your interested in buying a 1/4 prototype hit me up!

If you want a prototype it will be $100 only 2 for sale.

And the production runs will be $95

is this after the anodizing and everything?

So far we are just selling raw prototypes for $100 if anyone wants one…

That does look like a really good design. The shape/ weight placement looks great, though it is a little large for me.

I just wanted to say, it is a very nice looking design, and good luck with your company.

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Thanks a lot guys! Means a bunch!

Can I inquire if the yoyos are to be produced before payments are taken?

they better be made first lol

They will, we wouldn’t do that to someone. Payments are taken once the prototypes come in, in about a month.

Hmmm… I just sold my summit…