New video, new team members (pg 22)!! - Slithering Hippo
Ok, here's how we're gonna do this[color=blue]--[/color]42mm [color=blue]x 42mm x 42g, delrin.[/color]

You want yoyo?! How 'bout this?!!!
Oh, diameter too small? Uh oh, yeah huh, you buy anyway! Double undercut too much under-cutting for you? You get over it, it's good.

You want [size=8pt]big news?! Getting PROTO’D like a proto like THIS WEEK-ish. You want REAL photos of [color=blue]hot new yoyo? It’s coming, you see. IT"S HERE NOW SCROLL DOWN! LOL.[/color][/size]

///Special thanks to Landon Balk and 3YO3!/// - for making this project possible, along-side a wonderful machinist who's agreed to take on prototyping and production.
P.S., all you [s]dorks[/s] epitomes of coolness and [s]jerks[/s] nice people--if you want to see pictures of stuff that's already been proto'd and coming to the market after this first release, visit us at the [b]Slithering Hippo [color=teal]Facebook page[/color][/b] - like us and we'll like you back, forever!

Slithering Hippo is welcoming to the team… Shawn Renfroe, filling the role of Head Chef and Wielder of the Yo. That said, let’s see the video…

And that’s his OLD material… so get ready to see what this Ninja Dude can do with the world’s best equipment, from your friends at Slithering Hippo… that’s coming soon. Sorry to all the fools who never got around to offering this talented and creative player a sponsorship. Because now he’s in the belly of the Slithering Hippo. Ewww. Gross. Lol!.. Think he’s going to be OK?

Oh, whoops! Looks like it's time to astonish and astound!

Look at that, stare at it for a couple minutes, and just know that you can’t have one… yet!

It’s called “The Answer,” by the way, and the machinist Alvin (owner of Foxland Precision) says they play great. I’m waiting to get them in the mail so I can re-affirm this, and ship them off to be reviewed and to get one in the hands of Shawn Renfroe to do a little face-rocking on you fine people.

[b]Here it is, in my hand![/b]
It's t-shirt time, baby!,white,mens,ffffff.jpg,550x550,white.jpg

Get them here! (or don’t, if you mustn’t) —> – They come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes so you don’t have to settle for a plain white tee. You could get a green hoodie or whatever else.


The Answer promo Video, “Enter the Belly of the Beast”

Shawn Renfroe repping Slithering Hippo rockin’ The Answer proto. Get an eyeful of this while you can. Yeah!!! Be sure to watch in HD!!

What you see is a real photo of the new AA7, mocked up with the different colorways it will come in. All black, colored/patterned rings.

So what is the AA7? Pronounced “Double-A Seven,” which refers to the small bearing (a-size) beefcake setup. More pics on the way. This thing is a beast and will be our first full release. “The Answer” is a little too much of a niche yoyo to drop first. Let’s see how this kickin’ metal goes over! Thanks.

Profile pic, with only one bearing in:

Ok… so until further notice, gonna stop updating this post with every bit of news… just go to the appropriate pages of this thread, or visit for the latest. Thanks.

Are you angry with us???

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I wouldn’t call your customers dorks and jerks. and i wouldn’t say that it’s “getting proto’d like a mofo” either. this is a family friendly forum. and most people don’t like being insulted on the interwebs

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Fixed. Anything else I can do for you while I’m at it?

Thank you. This made my morning.

Especially the name. Hippos do like to slither.

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Hey, to be fair, I didn’t use ALL CAPS in my post, so there was no yelling, just pure enthusiasm in your face! Boo-YAH!

You totally see the vision. Thank you! You obviously have good taste in names. I would love to have your input on naming some upcoming projects if you’d like to help with it. Thanks.

You heard it here first, folks. “PROTO’D LIKE A PROTO!” is now officially one of Slithering Hippo’s slogans, and I’ll design and sell this shirt at some point. Or at least, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the great idea, ebilflindas! :slight_smile:

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Not to be a nice epitome of coolness, but I get dibs on a t-shirt! :wink:

You got it, dude. I’m friends with a bomb-ass illustrator who’ll whip up something amazing to slather on a shirt so you can paste it on your sweaty body.


I like the enthusiasm lol
I really am a fan of the design as well, very unique I would hope to see how it turns out

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You know what would look good on that throw? My homemade strings, “Hippo Wiskers”. Message me if you’re interested.

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You know what would look good on that throw? My homemade strings, “Hippo Wiskers”. Message me if you’re interested.

Oh, I’m interested. I’ll message you. Thanks.

Thanks for the encouragement. They should be available to the public within a few months.

Your yo-yo looks awesome!!! I like the uniqueness

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Thank you for saying so!