Test me!

Ok, so in my quest to know more about yoyos, to become a more useful member, i have learned alot.

So shoot me your hardest questions! I will NOT look anything up, that would ruin the purpose. I probably get a few wrong but hey, the point is to learn!

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how many colors of the fh1 were made?

who won the US national yoyo contest in 1999?

what were the colorways on the first run peak (just a few)?

how many yoyos did buzz on produce?

What was the first yoyo with an undercut/negative shape?
What was the first yoyo to include Titanium?
What was the point of using HG in yoyos?

What day did Chris make his first yoyo? What did he call it?

Oh lord…

There was: Red? White? Yellow?

Johny De Vale?

Tomonari Ishguro?

2005? There were rumors David would bring it back

  1. Henry’s Lizard.
  2. Titan 1?
  3. To add rim weight and make it play slightly better, while costing less.
    It added a price point between Metal rims and all plastic.

February? November?



I don’t know… I don’t know any of these…

What was the first yoyo made for unresponsive play and what year was it released?

Who was the first person to do horizontal at a contest(state or bigger)? What year? What was the contest?

What yoyo player created the mobieus style?
Who are they sponsored by? What is their signature yoyo?

Which yoyo company produced the first metal yoyo? What yoyo was it?

What was the first YYF yoyo?

What was the first YYJ yoyo?

What yoyo by onedrop pioneered side effects?

Yay i know the last one! Lol

Who machined the Mint?
What 2 people were involved in designing the Peak?
Who was the person who walked into the One Drop shop and first asked them to machine a yoyo?
Who started the Extremespins website?

Dang you’re good. I had to think about those.

No one knows who actually created Moebius it goes back as far as 97 and Doc Pop started to make it popular again in the early 00s.

So in all technicalities that question is unanswerable.

I want to know this ^^^
I want to watch the performance and see the audiences reation… :o

What company made yoyos before duncan and why were they bought by Duncan?

What company invented hybrid response? What was the first yoyo to feature it?

What is the scientific difference between delrin and celcon? This one isn’t too hard…

Which tester Peak was semi “stolen” from Chris and why did he give it up?

The flores yoyo company because Duncan loved the idea

Celcon is injection molded, Delrin is machined

Yoyojam i beleive. The og spinfaktor?