What's your fave Start-up/new yoyo company?

I’ve been quietly keeping tabs on a couple. 2sickyoyos seems to be popular and it’s amazing what the kids at TropicSpins have done. I haven’t purchased from a new company, but I’d like to. Which of the new companies is your favorite?

Tropic spins has excellent marketing and product.s. I think they are the #1 Startup right now

Efreet’s is my top runner right now

I really think Tropic Spins is doing a great job.

I think RS has done great so far :wink:

Or does Eternal Throw count? It does only have 2 throws…

muh helium


Tropic Spins is doing a really good job. I really like my Capricorn its not perfect but for there 1st yoyo they did pretty good.

How does the Capricorn play? How much is it?

It plays alright. You get what you pay($100) but not much more then that. It’s decent but not amazing, but it is a pretty fun yoyo

as 100$ on a decent yoyo? I’m sorry, but rather spend 20 bucks on an awesome yoyo.(Magic yoyo) Or if i am going to spend that money on a yoyo, I want it to be unique enough to where I wouldn’t feel ripped. Like, Efreet’s you can set on fire, and comes in sweet acid wash designs. Capicorn, is just nickel plate yoyo. See where im coming from?

Your company definitely seems the most professional so far.

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Does Deadly Spins still count? They have only released 2 yoyo’s

People have been counting tropic and they only have one.

I like tropic spins. Haven’t gotten to try the Capricorn yet, but want to in the future.

They also do great videos (see their US nationals video), and Logi is a very friendly and helpful fella.

I have to disagree. If we are talking just about performance, I think it beats any CLYW I’ve played(not to beat up CLYW, but they get a lot of hype).

I look for good horizontals and long spin times in a yoyo, and the Capricorn did deliver the one time I’ve played with it.

Seriously people ???

2Sick, top indie start up…period.

Joeys stuff is on point!


Toxic Strings. Loved the Hazmat and the T1 collaboration with One Drop.

Also, if Monkeyfinger still counts I am a big fan of their work as well. Gelada 2 is a darn fine organic throw.