Tropic Spins SHIPWRECK Release!

Tropic Spins SHIPWRECK Releases Tomorrow, April 11 2 8PM EST!

Tropic Spins first release, the Capricorn, was well received throughout the yo-yo community and received excellent positive reviews. They took that positive energy and charged head on into their next design – Trying to create something different, something new, something truly unique that would stand out in todays market. This is the Shipwreck!

The Shipwreck is almost the polar opposite of their first yo-yo, in design and feel, and that is one of the coolest things about it – Tropic Spins didn’t play it safe, they created one big, bad beast of a yo-yo that stands on its own! The Shipwreck was designed to give you maximum stability and control throughout your throw, even at low RPMs. It’s definitely on the heavier side, but by giving the Shipwreck an exaggerated double rim design, the weight of the yo-yo is focused under the rim and out, giving you a super stable yo-yo that maintains a floaty and moderately fast feel. Perfect for long laid back combos.

They matched their unique design with some really cool ano work, a 10 ball bearing, and an an amazing grind worthy finish. If you’re looking for a standout yo-yo with outstanding stability and spin time, then look no further!

The Shipwreck is an excellent second design to come out of the Tropic Spins workshop and we can’t wait to see them continue to move forward as a company!

Just amazing

I have one and it is the most uniquely designed yo-yo I have. It is also amazingly smooth, one of the most stable yo-yo in my arsenal.

Yes, finally. I have been dying to see this one.

Tropic Spins! The young entrepreneurs are back! I think I’m going to buy two.

Look at that YoyoExpert Edition! :o

How is it for thumb grinding? I’m eyeing this release.

PM Sent.

Love the picture man! Thanks for the support everyone!

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I bought two B.C., cause they look great and you guys are the homies. YYE edition, and that is the perfect shade of gold, so how could I resist? ;D

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Does anyone have a picture of the Ember Trail colorway? I don’t seem to see it in the pictures.

It’s just an Orange w/ Silver Splash, so not something really fancy. Email YYE and they would normally be happy to give you pics.

Sorry about that! Must have missed that one somehow. We’ll have pictures up later today!

Or that

Ember Trail:

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I wish I would’ve had the extra cash for the splash…those splashes look so cool. Especially ember trail and the pink/green. That dark green is sick too though. Glad I grabbed one before they sold out. That must’ve been the sought after color.

That looks awesome

Photos T.A. style: by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

^ That is something else, TA.

Thanks Zorro. I’m working on spinning shots, and some shots of my gold one too. :slight_smile:

Update. Photo of YYE edition spinning: by The TotalArtist, on Flickr