Tropic Spins is a new company that got its start when a few young members of our community on the YoYoExpert Forums had an idea. They saw so many yo-yos on the market but no single yo-yo that fit everyone’s style. And with the help and support from fellow forum members they were able design a yo-yo that they believe does just that! This is the Tropic Spins Capricorn!

The Capricorn utilizes the popular stepped V shape that is an great choice to fit the play requirements for many different styles and divisions. The weight was distributed with competitive play in mind as well, with more placed towards the rims to greatly improve performance through long combos. For their first yo-yo design Tropic Spins did an excellent job! The Capricorn is just a great looking yo-yo that is fast, stable, maneuverable, and super comfortable in the hand or on the string!

This is the perfect example of how supportive our community of yo-yo players can be! If you are looking for a great competition level yo-yo or just want to support your fellow yo-yo players then the Capricorn is for you!

Well, the Young Entrepreneurs of YoyoExpert strike again! Shen703 and Bcmaddog, congratulations, this is a big deal!

I’m proud of you guys! I have my Capricorn, and it’s a ton of fun. I might need another one. Show your support!

Kudos to YoyoExpert for supporting young entrepreneurship. It takes a special person to help young people along toward their business goals. This is pretty cool!

I can’t belive that they have made it here! Amazing job guys!

I would love to get one, but I can’t afford that kind of thing at this time. :frowning:

The next model will be cheaper so stay tuned :wink:

Don’t forget about Coronett! He does a ton of work behind the scenes!