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Alright guys, today I’ll be reviewing the Tropic Spins Capricorn! The Capricorn is the 1st yoyo from Tropic Spins and is still in the prototype stages. I’m always interested in following new companies and am very glad when a company actual follows through with making their first yoyo. The Capricorn looked very promising but I decided to buy one and see for myself.


Diameter : 56.85mm
Width : 45mm*
Gap Width : 4.22mm
Weight : 66g
Response : Flowable Silicone*
Bearing : OD 10-ball
Material : 6061 Aluminum

The specs of the Capricorn along with the shape is what led me to buy it. They stuck with the traditional specs of a good yoyo but with a slightly larger diameter.

*The Capricorn was originally supposed to be 43mm but it turned out to be 45mm. Personally, I like the extra width, but I believe they are sticking to 43mm for the official 1st run.
*1st run of Capricorns will come with standard 19mm pads instead of flowable silicone.


Tropic Spins decided to ship the 1st run Capricorns with boxes and decided to ship the prototypes with boxes as well. The first thing I noticed when I opened up the package was that the Capricorn box was very big, much bigger then the yoyo itself. Tropic Spins used decorative paper to fill in the extra space that the box left. Along with that, they wrapped the yoyo in bubble wrap for extra protection during shipping. The box itself was just a standard cardboard box with a sticker with Tropic Spins’ logo on it, much like One Drop’s own box. The box is nice but personally I’d much prefer them to just ship with a smaller box that fits the yoyo like other yoyo companies such as One Drop.


I really like the shape of the Capricorn. The catch zone is just a standard V-shape, nothing we haven’t seen before but I’m a really big fan of V-shaped yoyos. The cup is where it’s a little more unique. There’s 2 “steps” in the cup that leads to a flat hub with a slightly raised edge for good fingerspins. There’s no IGR, if anything, it’s the opposite of an IGR since there’s a step in the cup that actually slides your finger off so thumb grinds are pretty hard. The only thing I’d change about the shape is to add an IGR but that’s purely personal preference on my part. Besides that, the general shape is really nice.

On a Throw

I played the Capricorn stock straight out of the box. With that said, the Capricorn plays pretty nice. Thanks to the weight, the yoyo plays pretty fast. It seems like this yoyo is geared more towards competition play and I can see it would be pretty good for it. The Capricorn is definitely a very well-rounded yoyo. Grinds are really nice for being raw, it’ll be amazing after a blast and anodize. Fingerspins are really nice as well. Horizontal is pretty good thanks to the low wall and V shape. It’s also fairly stable. It’s not the most stablest thing in the world but it’s decent. I’d say it’s about as stable as a Cascade for a comparison. Overall, the Capricorn plays pretty well, and it’s a really fun yoyo.


The Capricorn is a great 1st yoyo for Tropic Spins. In attempt to making the best possible yoyo to start off their company, Tropic Spins made a wide, full sized, well rounded, competition-oriented yoyo. It’s fairly stable, really good at grinds and fingerspins, and is decent at horizontal as well. Overall, the Capricorn is a great yoyo and I don’t regret buying it one bit!

To end this review up, watch the Capricorn in action with a new trick by me :wink:

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I absolutely love mine! Very nice powerful yoyo.


Thanks Andy! Means so much from you!


It’s pretty much become my main for when I just want to chill out :slight_smile:


Thanks Andy! The boxes won’t be so big in the production because we won’t order the wrong size this time hahahah.

(Erik Kerber ) #6

Really good review Andy.


It would be helpful if there was a picture of the actual yoyo.

(Erik Kerber ) #8

There are pictures of it here on Tropicspins page.,71281.0.html


nice review. if you can, please post some pics of different angles, taken apart, and up close, that would be great. I seen the pics in the other thread but there’s only two and not that close up.