Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread


The sarcasm is real.




This run of the Finch will not be sold via YoyoExpert, however the next run will hopefully! Please follow our Instagram page @tropicspins for upcoming information about future finch and other yoyo runs!


Does the finch play as heavy as its specs suggest?


Surprisingly, no! I would have guessed it was around 67g.


Who discovered the finch pegs fit Legos? Oh yea this panda lol 8)



(Erik Kerber ) #588





Hello, folks!

Don’t worry we aren’t dead- we’ve just been to busy to post anything over the summer. But, we’re back, with exciting news!

Tropic Spins will be at Z-Games/NER 2015, look for Davis and he will happily let you try and of our four- I mean three Tropic Spins yoyo’s! While we are working to see if we can sponsor the contest, budgets are low due to… projects. :slight_smile:

The Finches will be dropping on YoyoExpert soon in:

and Purple.

Price? $75, our most cheap option yet!

Again, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or idea’s, we’d love to hear them! PM me or email us at

And as always, stay classy YYE.

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I might buy it.


The Finch is now available right here on YoYoExpert!

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Whoa that’s heavy. Looks cool though.



[quote=“lukas412 link=topic=71281.msg978504#msg978504 date=1445649974][quote author=Someone,post:594,topic:63318”]
Whoa that’s heavy. Looks cool though.







He does not know how wow.


He does not know why