Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread



(Note the rounded rims :smiley: )


oh wow



(Erik Kerber ) #544



Wish I had the extra funds to pick one of these up. That green would look nice alongside my green Shipwreck.


1/1 Finch experimental colorway

Interstellar Expidition Edition


too nice

(Erik Kerber ) #548



I’m drooling right now… I think i want this as my next yoyo.

(major_seventh) #550

These guys know how to get things done! Very professional.


These look great. Have specs been posted yet?


Wow, that interesteller expedition is MONEY!


54.08mm // 40.5mm // 67.05g




Davis is giving the specs from the prototypes. I haven’t measured the new ones yet. The cad said 66.07.


67 ain’t bad. I’m usually all about the light throws, but I have several in the 67+ zone that do not feel just like lumbering beasts. Genesis SS springs to mind. Nomad. Great yoyos!


I believe the production run’s are a bit lighter, those specs are from the prototypes. I haven’t been able to get my hand on one myself, so I can’t get exact measurements :smiley:



I weighed the Finch today. Turns out it’s 69.7 with bearing and response. Heavier than I expected, but it doesn’t play anything like it weighs. It’s really solid, but not slow. It’s stable. If you don’t get put off by the weight, you’ll love it.